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    I was just wondering has anyone any information on the course or basically any inforamtion on it at all there are a few of us interested in the course.

    I heard from carlow it itself that the course didnt happen last year as there wasnt enough interest but then i heard that there is a member on this forum already on it???

    Any info would be great thanks.

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    can anyone from Carlow IT say if theyll ever start up a postgrad version of the course for computer science graduates??

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    not sure about Carlow’s plans – talk to Joseph Kehoe, he’s the course director – but I know Letterkenny are starting an Msc and an Mse in Computer Game Engineering next September

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    Aphra K

    well Letterkenny MSc should be offered in September if they get through the validation ok..

    Yes Carlow is up and running…see Irish Times article last Friday…
    haven’t heard too much feedback from students as to what it is like though…


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    Tralee IT are also still plannig too run a course next year.

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    Yeah i know about Leterkenny’s one but i thought it fell through. Good to see it hasn’t.

    Are Tralee IT are running a course in Games Programming or Design next year Skyclad?

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    Programming mostly afaik.

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    Ye the course is been run this year i am a student doing the course.it is a very good course and well run and is really worth doing if you have an interest in it

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    ya u.c.c will be offering one also this autumn.

    As a taught MSc.

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    Any specifics on the course ?
    ( module choices, links to the gaming community ? )

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    no specifics yet. their being very tight lipped but i suspect they will be out shortly.

    I would imagine\hope its going to be for hard core games programmer and focus more on implementation and design, than story, art etc.

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    I would imagine\hope its going to be for hard core games programmer and focus more on implementation and design, than story, art etc.[/quote:9a4dba9480] it is

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    Its great to see that there are Masters in Games Programming popping up in Ireland as there are so many going to the UK for them.

    Who do i get in contact with in UCC about this new course, anybody know?

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    ive actually been talking to one of the organisers of this course in u.c.c and he tells me it will not start in sept 2005, but most likely 2006 if all goes according to plan.

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    well one of the guys is currently in china until march 8th.

    you could try d.murphy@cs.ucc.ie but i doubt he will have all those spaces details which you require. because it is still early days. I would imagine these would be the final details to be clarified, after course, affiliations, new hires etc have been taken care off. So these probably a long way off since it will not start till at least sept 2006.

    but work away, he’s a sound bloke im sure he’ll give you what details he can.

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    thanks Peter

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