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    So heres another entry for a cg chat game art challenge, the result are not out yet but if anyone interested heres all the entires which are all really good!

    This is my submission.

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    some nice work there, Barry

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    That’s extremely good. Mate, do you ever take a rest???! Form and everything is very good. Any wire shots? My only concern is her back in the final shot, though that might just be down to how you’ve modelled her clothes. Very good work, if you don’t get first this time round, it’s fixed for sure!

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    Great work.

    Very never winter nights\rpg looking..

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    Idora – Cheers!

    lk – No time to rest man I’m trying to get a job with this stuff and working in Dunnes is great motivation to go home and bash out the frustrations on some 3D! Not too sure what you mean about the back, can you elaborate? Also take a look at the other entries and you’ll see 1st place is nowhere near a formality!

    peter_b – Thanks, yeah man the comps theme had to be fantasy/medieval hence the Neverwinter buzz.

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    Ah it’s her shoulder blades. You have them jutting out the entire length of her back, its making them more visible then what they should. I’ll see if I can find a reference image to show what I mean.

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    No need, I know what you mean now! I just got confused when you spoke about her back and both renders where from the front :)
    The blades are extreme alright!

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    Right. Best of luck with the comp. As you said there’s some quality models there but I still think you’re in with a good chance. Keep us posted on your progress and for the love of god someone give this man a job and get him out of Dunness

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    Keep us posted on your progress and for the love of god someone give this man a job and get him out of Dunness[/quote:703cb5c2d2]speaking of which… Have you sent us in your CV and showreel, Barry? if not, check out the jobs posted on http://www.torcinteractive.com/jobs/ and let us know if you are interested

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    Lovely work Barry, any chance of a screenie of the UV layout and textures?? Best of luck in the compo!

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    lk – haha Thanks for biging me up lk! :)

    Idora – No I havent yet but I will today!

    Pete – No problem here you go, theres some rushed elements but that down to Dunnes waisting my time!

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    Nice model Barry, the only thing I’d say is that the pipe seems abit extraneous.

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    Nice unwrap Barry, very clean. I like the pipe, looks like shes pouting and clenching her teeth down on the pipe at the same time, try that Posh Spice!!

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    gizmo – Cheers man but I think its interesting to add something that normally wouldnt go. When talked about i’d prefer people to say ‘hey did you see that chick with the pipe’ rather than ‘hey did you see that chick model’, its sort of something to help keep it in the memory.

    Pete – Thanks dude I was mostly experimenting with assigning higher resolutions to certain areas of the mesh whereas in the past i would give every element of the model an even scale of resolution.

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    Hey Barr! 8)

    This is a great new feature that was badly needed on GD…!

    Ok back to your work!
    I love it… its still my favourite entry on this comp… I love ur development of this character from the concepts right through to the finished piece. Has a strong silhouette… the legs are great. And the mesh is perfect can’t spot a thing wrong with it. Good luck.

    Me and you both know its only a matter of time before you get a job as a character artist. You have the talent and experience of 4 years in the industry! You’ll be waving “bye bye” to Dunnes Stores soon enough lol!

    thanks for the inspiration…

    ps; heres my entry!



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    Big me up!
    Thanks for the pep talk, I worked in the industry before, I dont remember that?? Oh wait somethings coming back to me! thats right I did, wow I’d forgotten, all that shelf packing had fried my brain! :)

    Ste create a new thread and post your entry here.

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    hrm, what about ‘hey did you see that chick with the mustache’ …now THAT would draw a crowd! :D

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