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    haven’t been here for a while… anyway – latest thing – the goal was to model a girl character within 1k triangles (with 256 map – but mine is bigger – it was painted as 512 and now it goes this way :)

    based on me own art :D

    ps. i know it’s kinda ‘old-school’ :) – all of the next-gen things which makes me grin…

    cheers – c&c mostly welcome :D

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    hey, yeah this is a strange girl alright! :shock:

    i only got one crit. the sockets attached at both sides of the body, where the arms join up too, isnt welded properly, and if rigged, you might have trouble animating.

    nice use of opacity aswell :) good texturing too.

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    thnx r_mc

    if u mean the spot between that cylindrical part and the arm itself – it wasn’t supposed to be connected – it’s kind of a cartoonish joint… – if animated – u rotate the arm whole – and the cylindrical part stays as it is…

    cheers – hope its clearer now :D

    c u

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    i mean the cylindrical part and the body.

    why do ya grin at next-gen?! :s

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    ah – those won’t be moved (thats stuck with the spherical part) – whole ‘metal part’ is one single piece – though the texture might be little bit confusing in that matter

    next-gen makes me grin cos it’s still black magic to me :D – not only i don’t have experience in next-gen game dev but what’s more – my old pc doesnt let me play games like q4 or doom iii…


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    that’s pretty freaky, in a good way :-)
    Why do I get the impression she’s gonna burst into a ballet solo and start doing some entrechats?
    I really like the texturing work you’ve done there. Very nice rust, and the end of the hair is nicely transparent.
    Thumbs up!

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    yeah know what you mean, quality of your work station definitly effects workflow. when i reach 2mil polys in max on my machine it just gives in, gets it coat and calls it a day! :shock:

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    Maya and Zbrush…they are your hi-poly friends.

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    zbrush yes, maya nooooooooooooo. :P

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    Nice Job Ftorek!

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