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    is anybody here using character studio alot??
    if so i was wondering if there is some why in character studion that i can precisely position the pivots of the bones rather than scaling them into place??

    thanks in advance

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    If you’re talking about skeleton construction using Biped in figure mode, AFAIK you have to scale the bones into place. Do you have to use Biped as your skeleton- You can still use Physique on a non-Biped rig

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    setting up your own rig using bones and setting your own IK solvers takes a bit longer than using the convenient biped, but it has great advantages

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    yeah i know that i would be able to have more control using a bones rig. i just am a bit pushed for time to set up the rig and add in the controls that i need. so i thought i would see if i could get away with character studio. not to worry, thanks forthe suggestions though

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