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      Hey guys,
      just launched my first game Asterism, on Android today. It’s a physics based puzzle game. Check it out on Google Play:

      Been working on it for the last year after finishing a game design course in DIT. Would be great to get some feedback.


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      Hey Paul,

      Congrats on your first game release! I’ll endeavour to get an android owner to install it so I can play it :)

      Edit: My friend liked it, sent you a PM :)

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      Jamie Mc

      great fun, simple but fun gameplay, and just when you thought it was becoming easy, the walls appear.

      tried this on both an android phone and tablet, if you could add a use of the tilt, and then a button to lock down an angle, or alternatively have a little semicircle around the shooter bit which you can use to aim that’s about the only suggestions I can offer.

      also, on the options screen add a link to review the game, and the name of your development team and links.



      great fun!

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      Thanks Jamie, glad you enjoyed playing it!
      Appreciate the feedback and review too, will definitely take those ideas on board :-)


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      Nice little game. Finished all the levels :D

      Initially I was a bit frustrated with a slowness of the aiming, wishing I could just swipe my finger to point roughly in the right direction, but seeing the degree of precision needed for some of the later shots I can understand why it is like it is.

      I had tried my hand at making a similar game a couple of years back but never finished it. But then I was going with this foolish notion of having to hit up to eight targets in sequence… in one shot. :roll:

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      Oh wow cool you cleared them,glad you like it!! Did you play on the regular or ultimate (1 shot) mode?
      I’m going to release an update this weekend with another set of levels and some improvements/bug fixes.
      It’s good to get more feedback on the control system, I’ve been thinking about it a good bit lately and the options. l’ll probably make some changes on it v soon after some testing, making sure it keeps the precision aiming but with faster general movement.

      That was a nice prototype. I really like the way you had the ball/shot starting from different points, that you can place it in an exact position, and the freezing/reshooting the ball rule

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      Just on the normal (3 shots). Not sure I could do some with just one.

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