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    Hey guys,

    Havent posted on these boards in a while, my appologies and will start to post again regulary…

    So heres wat the new topics about, and was wondering if anyone has any ideas…

    Im currently on a 3 yr HND course which is much like a computer science degree, the 2nd year is a placement year, where i can either go on an all expenses paid trip to america for an extra year of learning (CAS (Area Study)) or I can do the “supposedly” more useful thing and do the CIS (Industry Study). The industry study will allow me to show future employers i have expereince in what i am applying for…
    Trying to keep this as close as possible to my main interest (game programing) i was wondering if anyone here has one this sort of thing from ireland before…
    Travelling and living in the mainland England, Scottland and Wales is not a problem… One thing i would say though, is any suggestions or help on this topic must be relevant and unfortuantly i cant be “the company coffee boy” for a year, there would need to be some sort of substance for me to gain the CIS certificate at the end of it…

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Is this CIS (Industry Study) thing basically work placement as in working with/for a company?

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    I spent 6 months in Italy on paid work-placement if thats what you mean.

    Living in a completely different country was porbably the best thing I’ve ever done. Was doing JSP went I was there, so work wasn’t the best, but it matured me greatly.

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    Is this CIS (Industry Study) thing basically work placement as in working with/for a company?[/quote:4014d45643]

    Yea, working for a year, all the recommendations im getting from the tutors here are companies that specalise in basic networking or system analysis etc…

    I really, REALLY want to get a work placement closer to games, i think ill ring round a few games companies and ask if they could offer me anything etc…

    Jus let me know what you guys think :) or what you would recommend me to do…

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    I’d imagine a few UK companies would take on a programming slave for a year. You’ll just have to do alot of ‘leg work’ to find out if they would take you on.

    I’d go for the experience rather than more schoolin’. Although foreign countries are always fun….

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    I’d really recommend it. Especially if you can manage to get a job that is relevant to your future aims.
    The only downside to it is that when you come back to uni, its going to be horrible; back to student life where you have no money and it always rains. Made my 4th year very tough.

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    Well if you choose to stay here there are a few companies that might take you on. My advise would be to put a good CV together, try and get some portfolio work together and start the emailing. Outside of the country aint my area though, so others (like Omen) will be able to give you better advice…

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    The placement year is part of the 3 year course, so to pass the course i have to get the CIS or CAS certificate, at the momment one of the tutors is going to get me information on what is required to obtain the CIS certificate at the end of the year

    The problem is though, I have little to no programming skills, im at the start of learning C++ and know a tiny bit of VB, so for me to go into a placement year as a programmer wouldnt be very smart, i doubt any company would even look at my CV, lol…

    Im wondering would there be any other simpler jobs etc in the game development sence… I think one of the main requirements for the CIS certificate is to have worked with some sort of moderatly advanced computer work… what they would class as advanced would be setting up windows or linux on a system then configuring it for the users needs…
    Therefor i would need to come back and do a report on the placement year and talk about how i used the skills etc…
    I hope this is making some sense to some of you, im lost as to what to do, and i really dont want to have to do a placement year with networking or operating systems…. :( If you want me to try and make something more clear then by all means ask me some questions, but for now tell me what you guys think…

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