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      My best kept secret! Revealed to all and sundry! Now its all ruined! RUINED!

      Have to post this little gem:

      We worship you, worship you, David Hasselhoff!

      Where do you live? In a castle of course,

      with lawns awash with your fans,

      glorious choruses, playing of bands,

      the joy and delerium of being quite near

      to Hasselhoff! Hasselhoff! Hasselhoff’s here!

      We adore you, beseech you, implore you oh lord,

      drop down your shield and show us your sword!

      One time we tried to hire out a glider

      to fly over you and Kitt filming Knight Rider.

      Then into an elephant I cut a gray notch

      before sitting down to see you in Bay Watch.

      The Hasselhoff doll that I keep in my room

      full size with a jacket that I pray to in times of prospective doom,

      it saves me, delivers me, exports me to lands

      where I’m shielded from danger by your gentle hands.

      But most of all we adore your heavy brown hair,

      your muscular body and jaw firm and square.

      Oh Hasselhoff, Hasselhoff, Hasselhoff D –

      you’re more of a man than I’ll ever be!

      Written with respect and awe by Jem.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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