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      heres something a bit interesting, Clink a clickable-link-based text adventure that plays in your browser.

      you can play a free demo here: http://www.clinkadventure.com/

      Game press said this about it:
      Hybrid Browser-Based Adventure Released

      (Liberal, Kansas) – An entirely original browser-based adventure titled “Clink” is now available on the clinkadventure.com website. As implied by the name, Clink utilizes a unique “clickable link” platform that merges an intriguing blend of interactive fiction with hypertext story elements to create a new adventure experience unlike any other on the market today.

      The story line of Clink, which begins with you standing on your own front porch, is gradually revealed as players “literally” move around by clicking on words within the story. While there is a definite beginning, middle, and dramatic ending to the game, every person who plays Clink will have a unique experience because there is no pre-determined sequence of navigation. The story is constructed in a way to allow a smooth continuity of content, regardless of the order it is encountered.

      Contrary to the fact that virtually all existing adventure games are written in a handful of specialized programs, Clink is an example of clever ingenuity over complex technology. Clink utilizes no special software, no Java, no Perl, no Active-X, no Flash objects, no applets, no scripts, and no cookies. In fact, Clink web pages are only about 2kb each and will run flawlessly on almost any web browser.

      Mike Tolar, author and designer of the game notes, “Clink represents an exciting new genre of interactive browser-based content. Players will experience an intriguing mixture of humor, clever plot twists, and intuitive elements of logic and problem solving, all in a unique interactive web page environment. Anyone looking for something enjoyable to read, with an interactive twist, will quickly become a fan of Clink.”

      Visit http://www.clinkadventure.com for a free online demo.

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