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    Be warned its frickin massive 650Mb so unless you have a decent connection don’t even attempt it.

    It’s pure class btw puts all previous ww2 games to shame.

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    meh.. Definitely not as fun as DOD:S.

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    How can you compare a multiplayer game to a single player game…

    I think they’ve gone too far like the German Front Mod(for COD:UO) it’ll make for a much slower multiplayer experience. What I love about COD is the fact it suits so many types of players…. I never though the GF mod did the same. Though in saying that a well rounded team in GFM is pretty good fun….but its the internet where will you find well rounded players??

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    How can you compare a multiplayer game to a single player game…[/quote:669c34412a]
    Irrelevant IMO.
    I have more fun playing DOD:S than COD2. Sorry.

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    d’led it, tried it, uninstalled it :cry:

    It’s just like CoD & CoD:UO.

    Good thing is – no less than that.
    Bad thins is – no more than that.

    Different era I know, but not a patch on BF2 by a veeery long stretch (even in single player).

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    As a fan of the first cod i have to say i love it.
    Can’t wait for the full game and a bit of mp madness

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