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      Just bought UT 2004 did all the installation bits and then went online to get the patches.

      Yeah patches happen, yay that the companies bother to do them. Yay that they can afford to them promptly (even for older games, Freedom force xp bug anyone?).

      Boo hiss that I have to register with a 3rd party site to get access, and to get high speed access I need to PAY!! THere’s probably a free to reg high speed mirror somewhere in the list but I got fed up trawling through pages of ads before they would inform of the requirements.

      In the end I found the first ‘free but you must queue and we’re capping your download speed’ and came here to rant…….. Hmm still not done I’m getting some toast.

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      I agree to be honest. We had out first LAN of the year here in DCU a few weeks ago and so off I went to dust off my copy of Quake 3. First things first, patch. 20mins later I was still trying to find a link to it that wasnt either a) crap b) subscription only c) still worked.
      “What about the iD servers?” I can hear you shout. Well of the three downloads I’ve tried from there in the past two months all three have been received with lovely “Server too busy. Feck off” messages…not a happy camper.*

      *no pun intended.

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