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    I am urgently looking for a Commodore 64 for tomorrow morning. I work for a tv company and we are filming a thing about retro toys and tracking down a C64 is proving v.difficult.
    Does anyone have any suggestions of where I might find one in Dublin or Galway? If anyone has one lurking in their attic and would be kind enough to allow us to borrow it for the day that would be cool!

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    I dunno if your going to find someone with one fairly handy, but you could try some of the toy stores for one of those Commodore 64: 30 Games in One Joystick thingys. see the link bellow.


    It might be useful as a quick fix, if its the games side of things you are looking for.

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    Unfortunately I need the actual keyboard/tape deck setup thing. I’m hoping the gaming gods will smile on me and deliver one to my desk by close of business!

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    if your in Dublin there is a quircky little old games store on Talbot St, you might just find one there, worth a phone call at least. I think it’s called games world or game zone something like that. you would probably get the number off 11850

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    Just tried the Talbot St. shop – GamesXChange and no joy! They have everything else Nintendo 64, Megadrives etc. I’ll keep chasing it.

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    Can I suggest a post in the Computer section of Boards.ie? – I’d say, considering the timescale and the audience of that site, that it’s your best shot, short of making an appeal on the RTE TV News :wink:

    EDIT – I have started a thread in there, pm me with some further details, or an email which I can pass on to anyone who replies to the thread on the other site :)

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    My god Steph! Registered a smidgen over a year ago, and already up to 1,500 posts on boards.ie, not to mention your count here!

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    Well, you get to post about other things than just the VGI… :twisted:

    Software Patent Directive opponents (penguins huggers) got me started posting there – b@stids!

    To the OP – got a touch already re. your C64, get in touch.

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    > penguins huggers


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    All in good fun, of course :lol: (we suits be the ‘baby eaters’)

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