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    Aphra K

    Hi all,

    We are going to make a change under the community section of the website.

    People have told us the skills directory is rather confusing, esp. for companies so we thought ok we will split them – we will have a skills directory for freelancers, students and individuals and a company directory just for legitimate companies.

    So from the end of this week we will have a company directory and we are hoping you will all add in your company info. to this or update the info. you have already provided us with. At the very least we expect companies to have working websites, a contact telephone number and e-mail address.

    If people are working on projects part-time they might be better entering their individual details into the skills directory.

    I hope this makes things easier to use and we can build up a good list of companies in development and associated service areas…

    Let us know, as always, what you think..


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    Aphra K

    Thanks to all who have submitted their entry to the company directory.

    This directory allows companies to include more than just a name and address under a category heading so can we encourage people to include information on platforms and current projects where possible.

    Also we would like to remind people that when you select categories to describe your company you are actually dictating how they are going to be found by site users – if you look at the directory latest entries are on the right hand side and on the left people can search for a company by their category listing.

    Thanks to all who have submitted so far and don’t forget we are willing to update your entries whenever you wish..


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