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    This might be fun, if a coder and artist have a bit of free time and want to team up.



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    Hrm, I’ve always preferred the vertical scrollers tbh. Gotta love the Nipon Shooters as the Japanese like to call them. PC Zone did a feature on them ages ago and gave some links to some great ones, Rally Raid being one of the best if I remember correctly. Then theres the fab Giga Wing and Ikaruga for the DC / Arcade…in fact…

    *goes off to play them*

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    mmmh… vertical or horizontal. that’s always been a bit of a quandary, eh?
    My personal favourite was usually vertical, but I must admit some of the horizontals I played were absolutely brilliant. I mean, Metal Slug for a start.
    1942 was cool, as well as Xenon … aaaaah, the good old days :roll:

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    Indeedy, but then again with Metal Slug you didnt have to worry about the vertical part of the screen bar the odd bit of hopping around. I duno, I just always seemed better at Vertical shooters, hence I prefer them, MS aside! :D

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