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      Hi all,

      I spend a lot of time on http://www.conceptart.org, and I got to a-thinking that it would be great to demo some of our own, home-grown concept art, right here on these boards.

      I would suggest that a definition of ‘concept art’ is work that is created – generally very quickly – in digital or real media, and is designed to explore or communicate a style or subject (character, environment, vehicle etc), and is NOT intended as finished product art.

      Assuming Aphra and the mods have no objection, I’d see this as being a nice opportunity for the creatives amongst us (of which there are several, with talent to spare) to demonstrate, inspire, learn from and critique each other. Furthermore, it’s a good advert to the industry of the skills that exists domestically.

      Please keep file and image dimensions to considerate and downloadable sizes.

      I’ll get the ball rolling with a piece I did last night, using pencils, Painter and Photoshop:


      Who’s next?

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      Spot on Idea – So as not to mess up the dimensions of the site, we should keep the images 575 wide and whatever height. probably 575 square would look nice like.

      Ifyou feel the size does not do it justice and you need to make ti bigger then link to the image from here.

      Lewis – Its very hard to see that piece as its so small can you post a little bigger?

      I’ll post when I get home – the art on this machine is all work related.

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