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    Aphra K

    Hi all,

    Nephin games won the digital games developer of the year at the DMI awards last week..more to follow in news etc..

    congrats to Alan Duggan and Nephin games in Galway…


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    Well Done again Nephin Games! A Galway win indeed ;)

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    Yep, Big congrats Alan :D

    well done

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    Fair play Alan, the wife might let you up to Dublin for a few pints with that award in the bag!!

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    Thanks Everyone for the kind words and also to all of you who have sent PMs and emails.

    We are delighted to have our work acknowledged as you might expect.

    Whether or not it can be converted into brownie points, Pete, I’m not sure, no harm tryin!

    I will catch up with a number of you at GDC, I have no doubt, and I hang my head in shame at my miserable record for attending shindigs. I promise I will try harder.


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    Well done, Alan! Long time, no see. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to a shindig sometime, I think the first, and possibly only time, I met you was in Dublin during the first IGDA meeting. Isn’t it about time for another, Tony?? ;)

    Keep up the great work, Alan! :)

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    Isn’t it about time for another, Tony?? [/quote:cccc56169a] It is indeed, Ronny… problem is we’re all so busy we’re having great difficulty getting the organisation committee in the same room!!

    Also, it depends on whether we do another Awakenings this year or not – Awakenings is such a mammoth oragnisational task that it’s either that or a few smaller events

    I’ll post more fully on this in the IGDA section soon, so we can get some of your ideas and thoughts on this

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    We need to have another Awakenings this year! 2005 will a be a big year in the Irish games industry with so many game developers beginning to make their own mark world-wide & the indie industry of Ireland.
    I will do what i can to help in any way.


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    The IGDA events are great fun. You always learn a lot and meet a lot of great people. Despite all that I would still rather have Awakenings every year with no IGDA meetings. Sure maybe that’s an extreme but I think it would be best for the Irish industry. Of course I don’t have the facts and figures but I’d guess that Awakenings did us more good than all the meetings put together. It was just that much of a success.

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