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    I’ve noticed that quite a few people have little or no contact information as part of their profiles (many have the option to send them an e-mail via the forum software disabled too).

    With such a small (relativley anyway) number of people here, do people think the community could benefit from some kind of real-time communications medium, perhaps an IRC channel or instant-messaging software?

    Just a thought. All the best,

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    I’m sure the lads at boards.ie would help set up a #gamedevelopers IRC channel fairly quickly, which could be used as a trial for a few months to check out how popular it is.

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    Jamie Mc

    Isn’t that what the piss-ups are for? It’s a bit better to meet people face-to-face then speak to them over a chat channel.

    Maybe it’s just me >:)


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    >> Isn’t that what the piss-ups are for?

    That is true, and they’re a great idea! But these aren’t very frequent and can be difficult to get to. I’m thinking more of an informal day-to-day-chat type of setup. I know from a programming point of view it’s nice to chat to people in similar situations about algorithms and APIs and what-not.

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    here is a handy & free chatroom service if your thinking about adding one to the site, you can access it through your browser or a chat app like mirc – http://www.chatzone.de

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    I’ll happily idle in #gamedevelopers.ie on quakenet :) Come join in the fun and merriment there :)


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    I’ll happily idle in #gamedevelopers.ie on quakenet [/quote:4238fb15ea]

    that’s on irc.quakenet.org in case anyones trying to find it – check it out!

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