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    hi. just looking for bit of help. trying to open up a map created in gtkradiant 1.4 for REturn to castle wolfenstein in doom edit. is there a converter i can download, or is there a more simple way of doing it. i know radiant 1.5 supports maps for doom3 but i get the error version token missing when i try and open it in this. any suggestions

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    well you know theres an editor built into doom 3. its not well documented but its a command you run from the console in doom3


    the extension “editor” loads radiant level editor, if that helps.

    also see for more details:


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    hi. yeah was on them sites. i know all about the console. ive done quite a few maps in doom edit already. i worked it out though. the textures were causing a pro. im just re texturing it now in Doom edit.


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