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    a friend has asked me do i know any progrmas to convert wav to midi.

    id expect there would be programs out there but im sure you wouldnt get very accurate results from a complicated wav files.

    anyone know any programs or methods to do this.

    cheers!! ;)

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    Hrm, I’d just check download.com and see what they recommend..

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    Don’t get your hopes up, wav is a digital sound thingy, but MIDI uses “instrum ent” thingies to create the sounds.

    Hope my technical explanation helps….. ;)
    Seriously, even if you do get a wav –> midi converter…..the results will be very poor at best.

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    any tool you find is pretty rubbish.. its not an easy process.
    let me guess they want to convert music to ringtones?

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    aye just what i guessed. thats exactly what they are looking to do. gave him one pacakge to try results are woeful. couldnt see good results being produced anyway.

    thanks guys

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    for a full mixed track, i’d say no.

    But you there are options that enable you to turn isolated audio tracks to midi- but it will involve some jiggery-pokery to get it to work. This program:


    is a freeware plugin called guitar synth and it allows you to take the polyphonic audio input of a guitar and convert it into midi. There is no reason you can’t wire the output of a digital audio file into it and why it won’t convert it. This has got it’s limitations but its handy.

    For a drum track you can take your audio and create a groove template, but involves a bit of work. nice article on creating groove templates here http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/Aug01/articles/groove2.asp.

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    AFAIK a lot of mobiles nowadays will take MP3 for their ringtones (I know mine does, and it’s not exactly new).
    For MIDI, you are better off looking up MIDI files rather than try to convert from WAV to MIDI. MIDI has been around for a long time, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find classic tunes and stuff like that.

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    If this is a commercial project, talk to Claire (Fitch). I had a contact needed this done recently (converting a PC game to some kind of weird cardridge format that used midi) and Claire transcribed the music from wav and created brand spanking new midi. Very well executed by all accouts.


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    wav to midi… requires concentration and a good musical ear.. splitting up the musical lines and recognising instruments and then putting it all back together again

    no software that i know of can convert audio to midi in any successful way..

    if you need a hand let me know

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    thanks guys for all the help. my friend was curious as he is creating some ringtones as part of a new bsuiness they are setting up.

    ive explained to him the complications of this process. i have found a process of getting the sheet music of the tracks he requires and using that to create the midi files.

    i also told him if he needs outsourcing for origninal ringtones… send them my way lol.

    anyway thanks again.

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    Does someone know of a converter that will make the crazy frog sound less irritating

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