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    The Artist Formerly Known As Pete says get your geeky asses over here and check out the second competition of the the Most Beautiful CG Girl in the World…


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    Some amazing work in there..like that Dmitry Popov fella: Clicky

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    Cool….however some of the entries could neither be considered “beautiful” or “girls” :p

    There are some obvious contenders for topspot there though. Olivier Ponsonnet’s work is very good.

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    *jaw drops, faints*

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    Some extremely well crafted pieces on show

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    I find myself thinking “nope, not my style of girl” on a few of those pictures.
    Quite amusing, but also indicative that the artist has gone beyond just trying to depict a woman, they have succeeded, at least with me.

    Those two girls by Olivier Ponsonnet are clearly good, but I find them too cold, devoid of expression. Not my kind of girl.

    The first one, Hue, is just amazing. Technically impressive, expression, and fulfills my asian lolita fetish admirably :P

    Psycho Girlfriend I like for the humour, even though some things could have gone better.

    I really like the face of the Maiden with Sword. It reminds me of one of those paintings by the Flamish masters (Girl with a pearl earring, IIRC), although the background detracts from the overall effect. Something greener would have been great.

    number 18 has got a superb dynamic to it, I like. Except maybe for the eyes.

    Soa Lee has got some really good stuff. Number 48 being his best IMHO. The lighting is just fantastic.

    Atalanta’s proposal is pretty cool. Love the outfit, the pose transmits the warrior’s attitude, and the artist used black and white properly, instead of using colour poorly, which I find always a wise alternative.

    I love My Little Arsonists, but my bias towards goth stuff is probably influencing me there. Although again, I like how he disguised the parts that probably sucked, and instead focused on the flaming hand and the eyes. Works for me anyway.

    Keeper of Cats has got potential, great facial expression, but I think the pose doesn’t work, globally. No real dynamic between the cats and the woman. And the monochromatic use of colour is a bit of a shame: although I’m sure it was intended, I think it needs more blue and green in the shadows.

    The_Flan is a great picture, if only because it models a real woman, rather than an ideal beauty. I also like the burgundy robe/green background, simple but it works. And the texture of her collar is a nice little detail.

    hard to chose a favourite, though. Probably number one, as I am a sucker for kawai idoru girls, but still, I wish I had just an ounce of the talent on display there…


    ps: if you think this stuff is good (and it is), but you like a little less 3D in your art, you could check out conceptart.org

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    not to be picky but none of them are my type of girl….for one thing they’re CG… somehow I think that would cause a bit of a problem in the relationship… :lol:

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    LOL, yeah, that too.
    But you know what I meant, though. When you stop thinking how good the CG is, it’s a pretty good sign, in my book.

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    Cool….however some of the entries could neither be considered “beautiful” or “girls” :p[/quote:bc35ffe045]
    Have to agree with you there, Dave. It looks to me like they just grabbed every girl ever created in CG and stuffed her into the competition. Though some of them are pretty incredible.

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