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    i just saw street fighter the movie (again, its been a while) on channel 5. God that movie has no redeeming qualities what so ever. its so frickin bad, your watching it in sheer dis-belief that such a crap movie could be made..

    what the feck were they thinking? i bet the actors had to take a shower every few hours coz they felt dirty for being involved in such an appalling load of cax…

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    completly agree. kylie’s performance was useless :P the only game based movie that i have seen that i liked, is doom. not because it is doom, but purly for the fact that if i dont think it as based on the computer game, i actually think its a great film!

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    There’s the street fighter 2 anime, that was great. THe series was rubbish though

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    Game based movies that I enjoyed?

    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse
    Mortal Kombat

    That I didnt enjoy
    Super Mario Bros. …when I was older than 5.
    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
    Street Fighter

    On my to-see list but minus any kind of expectations:
    Alone In The Dark
    House Of The Dead

    Films I’m looking forward to seeing.

    Films I know will be rubbish.
    Anything with Uwe Boll in the credits. (It covers so much)

    That is all.

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    House Of The Dead


    steer clear “el crapo”!

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    Remember where it all began….with a short arsed cockney playing an itialian plumber…we’ve come a long way since then….and still nothing has got any better.

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    I saw Street Fight on the listings last night and thought, “oh look, haven’t seen that before”. Then I thought, “hang on, there’s a good reason for that” and I never went near Five for the whole night.

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    All of them

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    The two final fantasy movies were movies of great quality whether you liked them or not.

    Spirits within was created to an excellent standard although the script didn’t reflect any of the games, despite that it was a reasonably well written and entertaining story.

    Advent Children, which I haven’t seen to be honest, has been well recieved by anime fans, fans of the final fantasy genre and also movie critics. everyone I know who has seen it loved it.

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    Advent Children was extremely good…. I’d highly recommend Appleseed if you like Advent Children, visually stunning.

    Like giz I quite liked both Resident Evil films, ok so the second one went a bit nutso towards the end but then nothings perfect.

    As regards street fighter a film that should only be viewed for its comedic value… the first Street Fighter Anime was very good the Street Fighter Alpha one wasn’t…

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    Have to agree, I really enjoyed both FF films both visually and for the scifi and can’t think of any other I have really enjoyed but the best ‘game’ film of all time has to be Tron.

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    Spirits within was created to an excellent standard although the script didn’t reflect any of the games[/quote:4c3461f7d7]

    So a high standard apart from the script? One of the most vital elements to any film.
    The Final Fantasy films were created to an excellent technical standard. They were lacking in almost everything else. Advent Children is far better then Spirits Within, but so are a lot of films, and it doesn’t necessarily make them any good.

    Appleseed is a good example of using technology, a proven director in the particular genre, and an interesting plot to create a good movie.

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    I didn’t say that the script for spirits within was bad, I just said it didn’t reflect any of the scripts of the games. I actually like the story of Spirits within, although I will agree that there are better scripts out there.

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    although I will agree that there are better scripts out there.[/quote:88a686b082]

    Understatement of the year……..


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    The first mortal kombat film wasnt alltogether Awful
    The second was really truly appalling though

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    New silent hill movie looks incredibly faithfull to the games.

    Im gonna choose the yet to be released ‘Spy Hunter’ movie. I like Dwayne Johnson as much as the next guy, but cmon, The Rock, as a spy. He’s hardly inconspicuos.

    If your sick of Uwe Boll making crap games, just join the rest of the world here:

    Hes currently producion the movies for Fear Effect, Far Cry and Postal?!
    Oh and the manky Bloodrayne one that just came out.

    Talk about killing video game movies.
    But peter jackson behind Halo…..could be fantastic.

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    Aye, one of my mates saw BloodRayne the other day and he said it was terrible! Then again when the trailer of an action film doesnt inspire me to go see I usually know something is wrong…

    Oh and if you think The Rock will be inconspicuous in Spy Hunter, think of Vin Diesel in the Hitman movie! :wink:

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    Oh and if you think The Rock will be inconspicuous in Spy Hunter, think of Vin Diesel in the Hitman movie! Wink[/quote:abd84e0fab]

    Oh dear god i hope your joking :D

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    Nope, thats happening. Think there was even talk of using Vin’s likeness in future games.

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    Oh my. Another great sersies gone down the drain.

    Will Ferell as Gordan Freeman. Tom Cruise could be a lvl 60 dwarfe paladin!
    Id be surprised if they didnt make a warcraft movie to be honest.

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    Very doubtful…well unless they got Peter Jackson for it… :D

    As for Gordon Freeman, well funnily enough I was thinking about what actors and actresses would play the HL2 roles and I came up with pretty much the same list as this article at G4TV…not too shabby tbh.

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    lol thats a brilliant article.

    Id hate if they made a HL2 game. I think giving Freeman a voice would shatter the idea that you ARE him in the game.

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    Id hate if they made a HL2 game[/quote:0351644be1] I was pretty upset when I saw HL2 myself :p

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    Some ok choices there, but…

    Character: Barney Calhoun
    Actor: Colin Farrell[/quote:8e6b67dd58]

    -> Nope

    Character: Dr. Breen
    Actor: Sean Connery

    -> Nope

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    Id hate if they made a HL2 game[/quote:2554dafddc]
    ……damn :(

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