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    I’ve recently been assigned a project to create a game on a PC and then somehow port the game across to the XBox somehow. Before this I was led to believe that some sort of XDK was a prerequisite but this may not be the case. Does anyone have any previous knowledge if this is possible and what software will be needed? I have the DirectX 8.0 SDK, RenderWare,Visual Studio 6 and will be using Torque game engine to create the game. Can I just develop it using renderware and C++ and then save the game as a certain file type burn it to DVD and then play it??
    Any help will be appreciated!

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    Oh lord…

    Don’t know much about xbox dev, but…
    As long as you stick to using directX it shouldn’t be a ‘big’ problem moving across to the xbox. However, an xbox game is not a pc game. You will need the XDK unless you’re doing something dodgy :) You’ll need to be able to compile xbox versions.
    You should have an xbox debug or dev kit. Debug is far cheaper.

    Someone on here is doing an xbox project in ucc….can’t remember who, but should be able to help

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    Yeah I’m doing it with him!!!Thanks for the help, was looking to see if OpenXDK was an option?We basically just want to see if we can put Hello World etc on a screen for the XBox and go from there!!

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    Thats me. Unfortunately for Ed/parrotbait I’m the other person in his group.

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    Have MS not sent you guys any info on how to get the thing running ?

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    You’d think that wouldn’t you

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    The thing is we don’t actually have an XDK. Our supervisor seems to think we can develop it on pc, burn it to disc and run it happily on the XBox. Apparently he has been told it is possible. I myself am a bit sceptical.

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    Justed spoke to one of the guys in here.

    There may be a way around it, but you’re going to be making it harder for yourself. For one thing, you cannot use any windows API stuff on the XBox because it has its own. Whilest they are very similar, they are not the same, xbox and pc. Compiling your exe on pc will be creating a pc executable, you’re going to need to be able to compile an xbox executable and I can’t see a way around that other than getting the xdk. My advice would be go back to your super and if he knows away, ask him how, else ask him to contact MS for the XDK. Can’t imagine they wouldn’t give it to you if they’ve given you a kit. You do have a kit don’t you???

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    well……no!We had a big meeting yesterday where all the gear was given to us and all we actually got was a simple ol xBox!We thought we were going to get some pre-installed software or something on it but nothing. No documentation either. So its kinda like someone in the street getting an xBox and being told off you go and make your own game!Obviously we have Java,C,VRML(learing Java3D) and other bits and bobs!Lecturer is pretty sure we can do it we however are not quite so….!!

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    The thing is we don’t actually have an XDK. Our supervisor seems to think we can develop it on pc, burn it to disc and run it happily on the XBox. Apparently he has been told it is possible. I myself am a bit sceptical.[/quote:a5b72fe2c4] Your supervisor is wrong. PC code won’t run on an Xbox and while it is possible to rewrite a PC game to run on Xbox that is far from being the right way to go about it.

    The PC and xbox share the same guts but the xbox is not a windows PC in a different box. If you want versions of your game for both platforms you need to set it up at the start and have the right tools. You will need to contact Microsoft for the xdk/tech specs etc. Simply going ahead and writting a PC project without taking into account the xbox requirement is a bad way to go as porting code across (that hasn’t been planned as xbox from the start) will be more complex, messy and time consumming.

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    We had a big meeting yesterday where all the gear was given to us and all we actually got was a simple ol xBox![/quote:c4fe1b675f]

    Dear Lord…..
    This is my piece of advice……..slap your supervisor……..at least 3 times.

    Seriously, I’m not too saavy on all this, but I’m pretty sure you will at least need the XDK and a Debug kit.

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    thats 100% the wrong way to do it! wont work, if that was the case halo and the likes would be on pc the same day as on xbox! you need to tell the supervisor you need the XDK and devkit. if you want it to be cross platform you have to build too separate projects and port the different parts (i.e. windows stuff for pc, xbox stuff for xbox and the common shared across both projects).

    writing a cross platform game isnt a good idea for a FYP, making it cross platform will eat into actual game development time. unless the aim of the project is just to prove ye could make an engine for both platforms. if its focus is to prove ye can make a game. pick 1 platform and focus on that.. i would suggest pc, its easier to setup, more common domain tools\engines etc and you’ll get alot more bang for your hour of coding. sure it wont be an xbox game, but wha the hell its a game and it will do as a demo for games companies, if that your ultimate aim. they dont care that it was developed for PC, probably easier for them to run it :)

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    Handing you a plain xbox and expecting a game to be running on it in x weeks is ridiculous. When is the project due?

    I’d second Peters advice in saying that developing on a PC without official xbox documentation and *hoping* to be able to port it to the xbox at a later stage is not the way to do this, I’d go so far as to say this is almost impossible. Before beginning you need to know exactly what platform you’re targetting and what work is necessary to be able to do so. One of the most important things my own FYP taught me was that timelines are essential. Constructing an effective timeline requires documentation for your platforms.

    Realistically are UCC going to get you the dev. kit, and in a reasonable timeframe? Perhaps you should consider targetting just the PC. You’ll need the XDK to do *anything* with the xbox, unless you go down the opensource route.. but this being a FYP, I suspect that may not be an option.

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    Name and shame that supervisor! Pounds of flesh for everyonne

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    cheers for the info lads the idea from what we gathered was that we are supposed to design the game(nick an engine and some models etc) try to combine these together on a PC then somehow export it to an XBox format(.xbe) and try to run it. We were looking at OpenXDK alright has no sound(we’re ok with that) and most likely needs to be developed using Linux.
    Thats only something to look into by Friday as we’re suposed to have some progress made but do any of ye see it as a viable option?I severly doubt if the college can get their hands on the XDK as Microsoft don’t even want to know about the old XBox anymore they’re firing the XBox 360 SDKs at people apparently but that’s not really much help to us!!Just gonna have to see if the lecturer can come up with something concrete for the development!
    Stay tuned!!!

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    spoke to a senior programmer here. he’s worked on nearly all consoles since early ps1 days and he said theres no way you can get pc code working on xbox without having a xdk compiler. (possibly openXDK but doesnt that require a modded xbox or something?)

    As for getting a 360 console, ms arent exactly throwing them around. You have to have a fairly solid design and ms approval before they’ll give ya one.. So i doubt ye’ll be able to swing one of those.

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    If you have no xbox dev kit, give up. Do it on PC!

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