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    Some of you may wish to check this out:


    Its just a feckin pity there is a 500 quid price tag attached to this one. Sweet Jaysus, do these people not know Creative Media people have no money!!!


    Unless of course, Idora can “fandango” some tickets for the GD.ie gang…

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    Aphra K

    these types of conferences are aimed at policy makers and consultants if you ask me and not creatives or academics..

    I doubt they give free tickets to anyone..


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    I’ve got a suit…somewhere, surely that’ll get me past the stormtroopers at the front door…

    “You don’t need to see my yuppy palm-pilot….
    These are not the free-loading student developers you are looking for…
    Move Along….”

    Man, where’s Alec Guinness when ya need him…

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