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      This idea was raised ages back, but nowt came of it so I thought I’d bring it back to the surface. Hows about having a forum dedicated to creative discussion? I think it could be extremely usefull, mostly as a way for people to bounce ideas around and learn from each other.

      Suggested thread topics – these should be forums in their own right, with sub sections as threads, keeps things systemized.

      Settings – the broader world, genre and theme of the game.

      Characters – everything from the main ‘hero’ to supporting cast and antagonists.

      Environments – specific sections of the game world, levels, courses, instances, zones.

      Narrative – plotting, scripting, stories and threads.

      Gameplay – innovations and adaptations.

      Anyone else have other things they’d like to see included, or do you think this’d just be irrelevant? Hopefully it’d get people talking about ideas for projects and get some stuff off the ground.

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      …and nobody cares. Oh well, back to plotting the destruction of the human race again.

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      I believe Aphra and co will be reviewing the site soon and making necessary changes to help the site continue to progress and do its part for Irish game development. I think what you describe is a good idea and could be formed in one way or another. I hope to get a chance to talk to Aphra, Tony and all about the forum restructuring at the next shindig, actually.

      I think why no one has yet to reply because any forum is inactive over the weekend. Good luck with destroying the human race btw. ;)

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      Aphra K

      if you take a look in feedback I have listed the things we are currently looking at changing on the site..it will include a new creative forum but we are in the midst of planning a move of the site from its current server which has to take precedence just at the moment…and will hopefully greatly improve the performance of the forums, get rid of blank pages etc..


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      Ah yes. Cheers.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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