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    This is likely in the wrong section so feel free to move it…but how and ever:

    For a college business project we have to produce a multimedia file (sorry but the brief is THAT vague) that will run on both PC and mac. It should be provided on a cd rom.

    I was hoping to do something simple in Macromedia Flash MX 2004. So the question(s) is(are):

    (1) Do I need to do anything special in my code to have flash recognise what platform it is being executed on, and if so what?

    (2) When burning the cd do I need to do anything special to make it platform neutral?

    I’m trying to avoid taking the easy way out by developing solely for the pc version, knowing full well that the Mac can likely emulate a pc well enough to run whatever small amount of content I will produce .

    Thanks for your time guys

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    in the publish settings in flash you can export both a mac and a pc version of whatever it is that you are doing

    this link might help with the MAC autorun and cd burning

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    Brilliant thank you very much

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