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    Hello all! I’m coming to the end of my contract. I have been working on a tv series for 8 months now. I have had a long hard think about what I want to do next and the games industry is what I want to break into.

    would it be possible for some one to have a look over my cv to see if I fit.

    I will pm it to anyone who is willing to offer advice.

    cheers folks

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    Do you have a website/have it online anywhere?


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    Sure, I’ll take a look if you like.

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    I’ll have a butchers too

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    go on sure include me too. :)

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    nice reel.

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    I should have noted its for animation

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    Very nice reel! The showreel is most of the battle to be honest – once you can demonstrate that you have the skills, your CV just details where you got them from.

    The only thing missing there from a game point of view is low-res models. Displaying some efficiently low-poly modelled characters can be very helpful. I know that with next-gen titles, low-poly modelling may not be considered to be as essential, but making as efficient use of the polys is always a must – & low-poly modelling is the best way of showing said skills. Maybe even showing a wireframe of the characters you have worked on to display the poly density & unifrom resolution.

    On the other hand, if you’re purely an animator, and not a modeller, that can work too, but only in large development studios where the company can afford to employ individuals working in a very specific discipline.

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    Thanks a lot folks, The cv has diffently been improved

    I also have a character rig reel but its not online yet.

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