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    Sorry for the repost folks but I couldnt find the relative thread..

    Well since its coming up to the middle of the Summer I think its time I started getting my CV together for my INTRA work placement from next April. I remember some of you recommended using snailmail over emails due to the fact that someone nearly always reads the former whereas emails are all to easy to delete. Anyway any advice would be appreciated as I would really do anything to get my internship in a games or game related company and I want to make sure whatever I send out gets at least glanced over! :D

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    Hey Giz, I saw this a few days ago:

    It is a bit US centric as usual, but its what I am re-doing mine as until someone tells me different :)

    Standard Resume Format

    1. Name & Contact Info
    2. Job Title
    3. Objective/Executive Summary
    4. Skill Set/Areas of Expertise
    1. Specific Skills: Technical, Artistic, Marketing, Platforms, Programming Languages
    5. Employment History
    1. Position, Company, Location, Dates — just years not months
    2. Bullet items of responsibility.
    6. Other Relevant Experience
    7. Education — leave off the dates

    Additional Information:
    Chart of Projects

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    I wouldn’t agree at all with the snail mail advice, gizmo. Email and attachments are preferable as it saves filing, etc. and is searchable and easier to store and therefore keep

    Of the hundreds of CVs, job apps and work placement requests I’ve gotten since I joined Torc I can put my hand to every single soft copy if required, whereas the only hard copy I could get to is the one sitting on my desk I received earlier this week

    Who has time (and space) for filing?!

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    Ack, can’t remember, re-did mine recently and realised that my cv after working for a year needed to be completely changed from my student cv. Amazing how much it changes when your situation does…

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    Thanks Tony, thats the kind of advice I was looking for! Link is great too kyotokid, ta!

    Yea Omen I know what you mean, its amazing what one job and the experience it brings can do for your CV. Plus by the time I apply or start INTRA I’ll be used to using the TORQUE engine so thats something else to mention! :D

    Now next question, if a companys site says “We do not take on interns” should this be ignored? :wink:

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    Now next question, if a companys site says “We do not take on interns” should this be ignored? :wink:[/quote:580f935625]no!

    but if you’re referring to the notice on Torc’s website i would say it depends on your area of expertise, when you were hoping to do your internship and for how long

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    Yes that was one I noticed. To be honest I’m not 100% what area I should push for, for my internship*. Experience in any area of game development is what I’m looking for for my INTRA placement, as I understand I can’t be too picky when it comes to getting a job in a games company in this country!

    My placement is from April to September next year, I just want to get a handle on it now as if I don’t organise one for myself before hand I’m thrown in with all the rest of the students in the draw for jobs and I have to take whatever job I get regardless of if I like it or not.

    *As for when I’m finished my plan is to go into the coding side and work my way up to designer maybe, while still doing some programming. Call it a combination of a love for games, coding but also an overactive imagination! :D

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    E-mail submissions are fine, however a few things bug me about attachments;

    1. Size
    Even in these enlightened broadband days, it’s no fun to see a 10MB attachment crawl in from someone you don’t know. I would advise a simple CV attachment with a link to your website where files may be downloaded if necessary. Failing that, a note indicating files are available on request.

    Nothing turns me off an application quicker than the prosumprion on the part of the applicant that I want to see their entire portfolio right now.

    2. Formats
    Don’t assume that the person receiving the job application mail will have access to software capable of opening propreitary file formats (3DSmax, Maya etc.). While such software may be available around the office, it takes a bit of effort for an admin person to fire it up, transfer your files etc.

    Always stick to universal interchange formats (jpeg, avi etc.).

    My life would be easier if people followed the above!


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    I used a recruitment agency and as a result only used a CV. There were no attachments. I only sent demos when they were requested ( did have something to do with my demo being about 20Mb ) and asked how they wanted them, download or cd.

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    Thanks meedja, I’ll keep that in mind. The attachment size issue shouldn’t be much of a problem as most of my portofolio in games dev. work will be done in the coming months, till then its only my trusty C.V in .doc that will be flying off to you guys. :D

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    Ya the majority of game companies though dont want web-links, because of virii etc.

    Rockstar\Rare\Sony are all like this. If they want your stuff, they’ll usually ask you to send it on cd, typically after round 1 interviews. An typically they like an off-line website on the cd.

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    hi gizmo i am going to be in your situation this coming april im studying in dcu doing ca and am hoping to get a job in the mobile gaming industry perhaps Kapooki Games or nephin games do you know what companies take interns any info will be great thanks

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    Starcave had adverts for internships, but the window may have past.
    TKO or what they’re called now (name escapes me) might have opportunities.

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    damo, well I contacted our INTRA co-ordinator about this and she was really helpful. Basically they don’t know which companies take interns, they only have a list of companies who are involved in the Internship program so its up to us to find out who does and who doesnt take Interns on.

    I also submitted my CV to her to have a look over and she still hasn’t gotten back to me which is annoying as I want to get it sent out asap…

    Where were Starcaves adverts by the way? They were one of my top companies to apply for since I’ll be working with the Torque engine alot this year… :?

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    Aphra K

    look in our jobs section…Starcave usually send us their ads..

    also Vivendi take on people every year but usually in testing..


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    This is it, if you like what you hear, we will go ahead. Dates are from 2nd/3rd week of June to end of August. Thanks for your interest with us[/quote:8bd53bd11b]
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo! When I read that I thought it was referring to the time you’d be spending there…I hope they accept it if I send it off asap..

    Oh I didnt know Vivendi take people on, I thought they only did Localisation

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    Vivendi – Localisation testing, they dont take interns on.

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    Ah yes, I assume my Leaving Cert French wouldnt have sufficed anyway… :D

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    ok my mate worked for them for 2-3 years testing pc ps2 xbox games during which time he did both english and french but he didnt speak much french he just had to translate from what the message said and what it should say by comparing it to the shet in his hand very easy but some french will of course help, vivendi hava good few different sections where you can work, some involeing coding neway they dont do much all year until xmass as they have to get the games checked and submitted to sony or the relevent company to be accepted, if it fails AHHHHHHH! gota wait a shit load of time to resubmitt and its gona cost a good few grand to get it checked by sony again personaly im not too pushed about vivendi ok thats my 2cents anyway

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    Mmmh, if that’s the same company that was testing Halflife and Starcraft (I think) before they were released, then a friend of mine worked there for a year seven years ago. After that he moved back home to France and has been working with Ubisoft as an asset manager (or something like that) ever since. So I guess it’s always a good move if you are trying to get on the carrier ladder…


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    I’m pretty sure they worked on the localisation of Half-Life anyway. I remember a friend of mine telling me he knew someone who worked there and would be able to get him an advance copy. Turned out to be complete rubbish in the end and I took delight in beating him over the head with my oversized US box copy of the game… :lol:

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    I suppose you could just send in your Character Sheet…

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    I’m pretty sure they worked on the localisation of Half-Life anyway.[/quote:1313d7a53b]they did – a few of the Valve guys were over for three weeks during the process

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    Oh yeah, they did.
    Actually…… ahem… I got Halflife kind of before it was released :oops:
    I remember showing off my French copy of HL to my Irish mates here, in fact, it was the first network game they ever played, in the Cybercafe. Then they discovered this thing called Counter Strike. Ahh the memories…
    A few years later I actually bought the CDs, just out of principle. I do that, sometimes.

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    Ah Counter-Stike, god how I love that game. :D

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    Counterstrike….The guy who created DE_Dust has just started this week where Damo works…in Core..If I worked with him I’d probably just freak him out when he catch me staring at him in admiration all the time :D :D

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    Really? Yea I’d be the same, I’d just love to watch him work at something like that as he goes along, just to see what makes him tick.

    The infamous Gooseman is someone else in the CS world that I’d love to see work…

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    Meh….he’s just some guy who did some work. Deal with it.

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    Dust guy or Gooseman? Its just that they created something thats so…perfect that it would be interesting to see how he goes about doing something like that. I mean from the perspective of someone looking to get some tips I mean…

    I’m guessing you don’t play CS much? :D

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    FFS. Its not like it s dm4 or anything…

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    Ah but for CS people it is. Obviously DM4 is one of the best DM maps but the way Dust is designed with the chokepoints, perfect general cover if you know how to use it, the sniping positions which provide enough cover but not too much…it all adds up! :D

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    Dust guy….sits opposite me.
    haven’t played HL so until I see him produce something here, I’ve nothing to judge him against :) To me, he’s a newbie :)

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    did he just do dust – what about dust2?
    I always preferred dust2 to dust, as I could never play the latter well as terroist! (maybe thats coz I am teh suxx0r). Just a bit off topic here. Ive started playing CS a bit lately, and it just struck how its the same 5 minutes of playing over and over again. yet I never get sick of it…I think edge said the same about Halo…

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    Yes its the same 5 minutes as far as the game itself is concerned however its the fact that your up against other completely unpredicable players that makes it so entertaining. You just don’t get that same kind of buzz from whupping AI bots around a map.

    Oh and Dust is a tad bit harder for the Ts but any well organised team can overcome any of the problem points. Playing on publics can be extremely frustrating though. :?

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    I still think scary_one is the only mapper to have really used the HalfLife engine to create artistic maps… not just.

    Although Dust has something of a zen garden about it: it embraces the essence of Deathmatch, yet it isn’t Deathmatch, as we know it. Mmmh…
    Yes, I think you guys are reading too much into it :wink:
    The guy is probably just a perfectionist for details, but artistically, “bof” (as we say in French).


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