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    There are some nutters out there! Maybe this could be related to SkyClads addiction/depression thread……as this guy obviously was psychologically attached to this game to an abnormal degree.

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    Well deleting your ex’s gaming data is a whole new take on cutting up his clothes and scratching his car…

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    lol…..sure is!
    I think I would rather my clothes to be cut up…. ;)

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    From the wife deleting the husbands Lineage charcter…

    The couple actually met through playing the game, love blossomed in the online RPG and the lovers soon met up. However the relationship did not last long and thoughts turned to revenge.

    Imagine having your save games held ransom by a jilted lover. A treasured memory card held over a fire, “you better not break up with me or the Final Fantasy VII save gets it.” Scary. Very scary.

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    Hmmm…*hatches a cunning blackmail plan*;)

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