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    Anyone interested in a D3D, Maths, Physics, AI, job PM me.


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    A little more detail maybe?

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    By job are we talking a paying gig….

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    ..and all of the above or some of the above? 3D, AI and physics are all different areas, especially if they actually involve coding (not mentioned)!

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    The job description is a little brief, or non-existent, to interest anyone. Aside from what has already been mentioned, try to include other relevant information. Is this job full-time? Are they required to work in your offices? Is it permanent or temporary? What experience is required?

    Your new employee will only be as good as your job description.

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    Full Time.

    Mon-Fri, 8.30-6.00pm.

    All of the above stated material (D3D, Maths, Physics, AI).

    More than likely a 2 year contract.

    Overseas. Sunny.

    And yes, of course, this would be a paying gig.

    Currently, the post is not being advertised, so I have to be vague, at least in forum posts.

    PM me for more info.

    3rd level relevant qualifications required.

    Industry experience also required.

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    I’ve always wanted to more to the wonderful land of “Overseas. Sunny”……. :P

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    Judging by the location field in Jedi’s description, it apears to be “South of the Equator” :)

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