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    Its fixed I tells ya!!! Just like the bloody eurovision :cry:


    Result are out. Congrats to the winning teams and to both the Irish and Anglo Irish teams, I’m sure they did us proud and I look forward to playing the demos when they’re released.

    Congrats lads and lasses

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    i agree. well done to all teams involved particularly silvertongue. i heard all the teams over there were excellent.

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    Congrats to Silver Tongue for surviving the ten weeks. I’m sure they all learnt a lot and will come out a lot more experienced and prepared to take on the world.

    Well done, guys!

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    Aphra K

    looking forward to hearing more details about the awards and the experiences of SilverTongue and Team Doom.

    I was just looking at the pics on the Dare website – was SilverTongue the only team with a woman on it??


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    I think one of the International Scholars was female…


    Am slightly disappointed by how little information the dare site gives. You’d imagine they’d try to raise more interest for the comp…..

    It was late… :oops:

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    was SilverTongue the only team with a woman on it??[/quote:c8e46c1e87]
    Best artist award – Nancy Lai from Dundee….assuming thats a she

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    Well done to all the teams :)

    Again that Dare website is shocking – it has pics of the teams with no team names or member names under them so I dotn have a clue who is who.

    Then you click on the large ‘winners’ link on the left and you go to a page asking “Who’s going to win this year? With 8 teams to choose from, the judging panel are going to find it even more difficult…”

    I know one of the lads from cork, I believe he was on the Primary Steps team..but don’t hold me to that as I have a brain like a sieve.

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    Yup, I agree.
    The company that did the site mailed me when they first created it and asked for feedback and comments. I was honest and pointed out many flaws. They replied and said thanks for the feedback, even if it wasn’t want they wanted to hear and then ignored pretty much everything.

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    The bottom picture is our boys, Team Doom. Mark is the guy in the blue(the lead programmer). Other then that I know nothing

    I’m refering to the images on http://www.daretobedigital.com/home/news/full_story/index.php?intStoryNumber=115

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    Update, they’ve changed the article a bit and they have pics from the awards now, so you can see the winners, and they say who they are. Must have had compalints :)

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    There were 4 women altogether (1 in ours, silvertongue and 1 in one of the other teams, I forget the name). The other 2 were international scholars, and indeed, one of them won best artist.

    We were a little disapointed not to win anything but on the other hand, we have had lots of intrest from various sources for when we enter the incubation center, to possibly continue with the game (I wont mention any names at this point until its set in stone).

    The experience was well worth the ten weeks, and the mentors we had taught us a great deal.

    Unfortuanatly our game demo at the moment is about 500mb, and we only had the time to test it on the system we were working on, and has had some problems running on other system, so seems unlikely it will be avalible to download.

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    Hi everyone

    Rosdahale is right, our demo will need a little tweaking before being available for download, but we’ll get there!

    As for the girls – Nancy Lai was part of Switched On Entertainment, and she narrowly beat our Marty to the Best Artist prize. Jules, another artist, was on the midlands team Team Play, and Karen Morrison was one of the artists on The Missing Link team which won the Innovation and Creativity prize. Finally Kelsey was one of the International Scholars, also an artist, and part of the Switched On Team.

    As for the whole experience, it was incredible. We were so lucky to be part of it and meet so many people in the industry. We’ve learnt alot, and although there are things we’d do differently if we were to do it again, I think we represented Northern Ireland well and with the boys from Team Doom flew the flag for the games industry in Ireland.

    Thanks to everyone on here who supported us during the ten weeks, especially Tony, and Aphra it was great to meet you at Women in Games, apologies again for having to rush back to the labs!

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    Congrats to you all. Would like to see how much the standard has gone up since my time ( ours was a 40mb downloadable that didn’t work on ati cards ). All I can say is that from here on in, when sending CVs, push Dare for all its worth, cos its worth a lot. Good luck to you.

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    I doubt any of the silvertongue or team doom members will have any problems getting jobs, from the work I’ve seen from both teams its of a very high standard.

    Good luck for the future all.

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    We’re looking people….

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    Were looking for people too.

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    twas about time i left the academic life :)

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    Congrats on the job mate. :wink:

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    Great to see, Peter. Does this mean you’re based in Solihull now?

    Good luck with the job. :D

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    Great to see, Peter. Does this mean you’re based in Solihull now?

    Good luck with the job. :D[/quote:c4daeb4fff]

    Yep..Does indeed.. Well based in solihull until they decide to move to a bigger building, which will probably happen when they ramp up to the full amount (recruiting goes on well into next year so i was told).

    But i suspect it will be somewhere between leamington spas and solihull, seeing as alot of the guys are from between those areas. Alot of them used to work at codemasters doing the colin mcrae rally series.

    yeah good times ahead lets hope. With a bit of luck could be bring sonic rally or something to 360\ps3\revolution. :)

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    Err just noticed the demos are up. Currently downloading Team Dooms entry… I’m still really shocked how badly the competition promotes itself. Was there a post on the main page of gamedeveloper that I missed or something? Sadly no demo from silvertongue…

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    jsut downloaded fishism, found it strangely additive

    and been playing Coda Chain for past half hour, brilliant wee game

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    jsut downloaded fishism, found it strangely additive

    and been playing Coda Chain for past half hour, brilliant wee game[/quote:915ed32638]yeah, both are nice games, it has to be said. also looking forward to SilverTongue’s demo

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    Its highly unlikely we will release our demo, its far too buggy on other systems (only had time to test it on the system we developed it on) and is quite large in size to host. May release the “Boss” level though, not as buggy as the rest and might be able to get a good file size with just that level. Watch this space

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    Surely the Dare site will host it for you?

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    jsut downloaded fishism, found it strangely additive

    and been playing Coda Chain for past half hour, brilliant wee game[/quote:011c04d028]

    cheers for the comments, I was on the team making Coda Chain. Even though we were a scottish entry, myself and one of the other programmers (Rosh) are irish, so we’re flying the flag in a roundabout way.

    someone else mentioned here that they knew someone from cork in the competition. that could only be Dylan, he was team lead on Fishism, top dude.

    if anyone fancies visiting our teams webpage its at


    its a bit rough around the edges (was only put up last night hastily) but have a look anyway.

    big hello to members of the other teams that are on this board, hope all is well with yis.

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    Aphra K

    and another…still have to find Idoras advise on judging event..if anyone comes across it let us know..


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    Its in the Dare Interview thread that you just posted. Its on page 7 I think.

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