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    Is anyone else playing this?

    Every now and again someone posts here about how the gameplay should be the most important thing, how games should be art, how the industry is all huge publishers and flashy graphics and how innovation has died.

    Darwinia is a good effort at doing something different, and focusing on fundamentals. I think it’s pretty damn cool. Especially the software raytracer :-P

    Any other opinions on it?

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    Aphra K

    was reading the review in Edge last weekend..will be giving it a try…


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    I am gonna buy it when I get paid next.

    Even if its just ‘ok’ I think everyone needs to support it.

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    Its a PC only game, yeah ?

    I just read a review of it and after all of his rambling of “don’t read the review, just look at the images” and trying to explain what sounded like something like an rts and yet completely unlike one, I must admit and intruiged and yet totally confused about the game.

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    just downloaded the demo, its very cool.

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    I’ve since seen the reviews in the gaming press. Looks like Darwinia was actually quite hyped for a (somewhat) independent game.
    It must be said, it’s not perfect – sometimes it lacks polish.

    As an example, there’s also one quite UI issue which everyone should be warned about before playing:
    When transporting people using the radar towers, the radar dish you are going from _must be facing the correct direction_.
    If you get frustrated trying to transport people with the radar dish, that’s why. (It is mentioned explicitly in game, but it’s still possible to get stuck on.)

    There’s a few other minor annoyances like that.
    Sometimes the game progression isn’t as smooth as it should be.

    That said, I’d still definitely recommend the game (I’m about 1/2 way through, afaik). Particularly if you want something different.

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    Cool thing is they probably are more community orientated and will patch bugs quickly…

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    i did notice that its often hard to draw the command shapes, maybe im just not that quick with the mouse :)

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    Where would I find the demo ?


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    in fairness in the time it took you to type to ask for it you could have found it..

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    True, but I was going for a tea break.

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