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      Hey guys,


      Daz (who i think use to be corel and bryce), have released 3D Bridge.

      Haven’t put it through its paces just yet, but i think they’re making a play for the DeepPaint / DeepUV market (Right hemisphere).

      Anyone played with this tool yet?

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      Ive been reading about this. Its onmy to do list to start messing about with it. The reviews ive been reading so far havn’t been too fantastic.

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      Does it only work with DAZ?

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      As far as I can figure, it only works with Daz.

      However, on a side note, one of my students showed me a new feature in Photoshop CS3.

      You can import 3DS files into Photoshop. I kid you not.

      they get imported into a stand-alone layer, and you can transform the 3D asset (scale, translate, rotate!) the 3D object in Photoshop.

      It has to be seen to be believed.

      I think Right Hemisphere wrote the engine for it, as they also wrote the 3D embedded content for Adobe Acrobat. (You can embed all kinds of 3D files into standard PDF’s now too. and transform / interact with them, etc. Even key-framed animations too!).

      So i think this offering from Daz is redundant (or soon to be…)


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      Yeah I tried the 3d model import in CS3 (its only in the Extended edition) but found it far too slow and jerky to be usable, its a pretty poor implementation of the ‘feature’ but one that I’m sure will be improved upon, CG artists have been screaming for it for years.

      Zbrush 3 has some very nice model painting features, and Mudbox 2.0 will have the ‘chameleon’ paint engine included also. In the meantime checkout ‘3D Coat’ (formerly 3D Brush) seems to do a good job

Viewing 4 reply threads
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