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    Just saw the new story on DC Studios….typical.

    Although, i won’t say i told you so….

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    err any details….

    Should there be a link in that post?

    Never mind :oops:

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    LOL :lol:
    For some reason I thought he was talking about DC Comics, then realised he meant the news item on the home page.

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    i’m more surprised that they’ve still got plans to set up in dublin. They seemed to forget about it practically mid-sentance as soon as they took over Vis.

    “so we’ll be setting up our new offices in… oooo, was that StateOfEmergency for sale?”

    it is good to see they intend to follow it up though. the community multiplies…

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    My problem is I rarely look at the front page of this site and just jump to the forum….[/quote:f6fd5b2110]

    Don’t worry, I’m here to be your personal new news announcer :)

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    Don’t worry, I’m here to be your personal new news announcer :)[/quote:34236c3269]

    lol now if only you could stop me putting my foot in it…. Ah I can but dream

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    Aphra K

    good to keep you on your toes and get you to check the home page once in a while!

    ..we’ve been trying to get that interview for quite a while so thanks Pavel for keeping after it. Hopefully Pavel will be popping along on Friday night.


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    It’s a shame that there is a delay ( hopefully not for too long ) in getting DC Studios over here.

    They would have provided a great way of bringing talent back into Ireland, as well as skilling up some keen, but less experienced ( due to lack of local opportunities ) game developers.


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    I think they should have told people who were applying for the Dublin office what the story was.

    I mean some of us like to actually be able to plan our lives….

    /Hohum gives me more time to get the portfolio in order

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