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    Just saw a job advertised on Gameindustry.biz, in which DC Studios say they are looking for various people for differant offices around the world, including Dublin. Just wondering if anyone even knew they were over here?


    The positions are full time and we have vacancies worldwide in our Montreal, Canada, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, and UK studios. [/quote:0803097b10]

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    Sorry but DC?

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    I worked for them on a contract basis in Glasgow for a couple of weeks last year. They do mobile games in Glasgow. I think Montreal does mobile games, GBA games and they did I think it was the C64 stick with all the games on it. Or maybe the spectrum one, can’t remember. Don’t think they had a base in Dublin when I was with them.

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    met them late last year with the IDA, who had invited them over and were encouraging them to set up their new offices in Dublin – hadn’t heard any more until now…

    They do game dev on all platforms – handheld, PC and consoles

    Will post more if I find out anything else

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    They’ve done the Atari stick with games inside :)

    It is their CEO, Mark Greenshields, who wrote a bunch of C64 games in his “youth”.
    Interesting to know they might come here !

    in fact they also did an “Activision” stick with Atari 2600 games, and yes by the way also a “Commodore 64” stick.
    A new “Commodore 64” stick appeared these last days with lots of Epyx and Hewson games, for those who remember. And it is built in the best stick ever… the Competition Pro 5000 !

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    Just got confirmation from Mark himself…

    They do open the office in one month… and are recruiting !

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    Sweeet, they could have told us earlier though ;)

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    Interesting stuff, I presume that they will be concentrating on mobile games development over here…….hopefully they will throw in a bit of console development too though! ;)

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    From his own words:

    We are doing both cellphone and main console development there[/quote:c24c03cfcf]


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    Sweet that they are doing console dev over here too…..I actually applied for the job listing on Gameindustry.biz……..worth a bash anyway!

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    Aphra K

    great news..Bomberman..have you contact details for them so we can contact them and do a news piece? You can PM me..


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    I’ll forward it to you by mail, Aphra

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    Aphra K



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    Sweet that they are doing console dev over here too…..I actually applied for the job listing on Gameindustry.biz……..worth a bash anyway! [/quote:67cf2c8fc1]

    Good Luck with that Dave, you deserve a break man. If anyone ever did :)

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    Not holding out much hope though Omega, seeing as I have no industry experience(at artist level anyway), but what the hey it doesn’t hurt to apply for it! ;)

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    It will be interesting to see how they’ll effect Irish game development with them working on consoles. Will they pack it up and go back to the highlands after a few months or will they actually make a real presence.

    Could see a few new names on the forums then. :)

    Good luck with the application, Dave!

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    I say it will be a while before they start on console development tbh. However ya never know!

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    One of my mates mailed them about the jobs and the said its probably going to be mobile games, so don’t hold out hope for consoles there.

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    Aphra K

    there will be an interview with DC studios on gd.ie in early Feb….hopefully they will be able to talk about their plans in more detail by then. They are currently sorting out a number of legal matters..


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    I can see that Console development is a big ‘High’ with us here, and rightly so. If Console development were to take hold then things would take a new turn, Mobile development is great, but lets be honest, everyone here would love to see another Console developer along side Kabooki… I know I would. :)

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    What’s wrong with Torc? :)

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    What’s wrong with Torc? :) [/quote:055650523c]
    Maybe he wants his game development companies to have a little less… how can I put it.. Hoff.

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    Maybe he wants his game development companies to have a little less… how can I put it.. Hoff. [/quote:809e4bc87c]


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    Or maybe mentioning them was just too much Hassel?

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    Or maybe mentioning them was just too much Hassel? [/quote:8226e1f6e4]

    :eek: – Dave banned for a week surely!

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    If DC do decide to do console stuff ( although I really don’t think they will ) in Ireland, it would be good as they would be the only game dev company in ireland who will have published console titles and have gone through the process in recently and would be able to give advice. Realisticaly, I reckon it’ll be mobile phones, maybe gba games

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    I agree Omen, I would be suprised if they came over and went straight into console development here. They will probably have a plan similar to TKO, ie: start off with mobile dev and if all goes well move into a bit of console dev sometime in the future.

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    Or maybe mentioning them was just too much Hassel?[/quote:e2ed9f2724] classic, Dave!

    You see? I told you coming back to Dublin would have unseen benefits… Your sense of humour has returned… Before you know it you’ll be back to starting controversial threads… We haven’t had that one on ‘Why Left-handed Lesbians Shouldn’t Play Games’ yet

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    *takes a bow* (if only to avoid the rotten fruit…)

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    Our client is looking for an experienced Games Designer to join their team in Dublin and lead the development of their design team. Background can be in PC, console, handheld or wireless. Focus would be on designing licensed properties for wireless devices working with major publishers and film studios. They are already booked up for the year and have three major projects to begin work on immediately.[/quote:b3efb3bcab]


    “and lead the development of their design team.”

    I am interested in this!

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    I worked on “I, Robot” with them in Glasgow if you’re looking into what kind of stuff they do.

    I, Robot Phone Game

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    aaaw look – it looks like they are having a little dance in some of the pics:

    I’d be well up for some 2D design!

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    I do believe that was you getting hit.
    Was a terrible game.

    I reckon working on film titles you’d be very restricted on what you can and can’t do.

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    I tend to agree, film titles seem to end up being a ball and chain for a lot of developers.

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    Very true. Enter the Matrix is a prime example of being used as a tool to promote the movie. It didn’t even have a real ending!

    Although Chronicles of Riddick.. hmmm. Might not even watch the movie in case it spoils my love for it in any way.

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    But isn’t Chronicles of Riddick a completely differant storyline to the film?

    Which would actually give the developers a degree of artistic and creative control…

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