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      Hi all,

      Just want to let everyone know about the wonder that is Tech Week,
      which is coming at you THIS week (Feb 27th – Mar 4th) We’ve got
      loads and loads on this week, so don’t miss out!

      DCU’s Annual Tech Week, week 4 (27th Feb – 4th Mar)

      Run by : AMS, AstroSoc, DCU Drama, FilmSoc, FotoSoc, GamesSoc, MPS,
      Redbrick, Strange Things

      This year’s Tech Week is as full as ever, and roaring to go, with
      even more societies taking part. Every year a host of societies get
      together to celebrate Technology and all its wonders. There will
      be talks, workshops, demonstrations, movies and gaming! This week
      is not one to be missed, especially as all events are FREE! A lot
      of events will be held in the Seminar Room upstairs in the Hub,
      keep an eye out for the timetable with extra details and
      surprise additions!

      We kick off on Monday at 2pm in the Seminar room with a talk from
      DCU’s own Multimedia Lecturer Declan Tuite, with a presentation
      entitled “An Introduction To Modern Multimedia”, followed later at 5pm
      with a fascinating talk on the “Science Challenge Programme” (same
      location) To finish, we have Tom Murphy (aka DeVore) from the famous Boards.ie
      giving us a talk on the History of the Internet at 6! This is a
      riveting talk that Tom attempted to give last year but unfortunately
      was interrupted by DCUSU’s fire alarm, so hopefully this year we’ll
      get a full and finished talk from him!

      In addition to all this, there will also be a workshop from
      DCU Drama on Lighting and Sound held in the Venue (3pm – 5pm), which
      promises to be very informative. If anime is your passion,
      don’t miss AMS’ showing of “Full Metal Alchemist” in T101 from 7pm.

      On Tuesday we have Tony Kelly doing a talk all about the Games
      Industry, on behalf of GamesSoc which promises to be truly
      then FilmSoc will be showing Madagascar in T101
      from 6pm, and to finish off the night, we have MPS hosting a
      table quiz in the New Bar from 7pm!!

      On Wednesday afternoon at 2pm, FotoSoc will host a photo
      shop tutorial for all those who want to want to know how to fake
      pictures… From 3pm til 6, Strange Things will be showing the
      first and second Matrix movies (The Matrix & the Matrix Reloaded)
      in HG23 in the Nursing building, fun!

      If you didn’t really like the Matrix movies, at four, we have a
      speaker from the prestigious Google over to talk to us about site
      reliability engineering in Google, which is set to be a very
      interesting talk, and to top it off, we have planned, a free,
      yes free, reception in DCU’s New Bar from 7, to launch the much
      discussed new version of the Redbrick website.
      Come along, and bring a friend!

      On Thursday at 2pm, we have a speaker from KPMG speaking on
      Security in Business, a useful talk for those doing any security
      related courses. After that, why not come along to the lab gaming
      run by Game Soc in C204 in the Henry Grattan building from 6 and
      play along! To finish up that evening we have AMS running
      Technolize, episodes 1 – 6 in the Seminar room from 7pm, a nice
      light ending to the day.

      On Friday from 3pm we have AstroSoc holding one of their renowned
      Star-BBQs / Solar Picnics in the Fountain, this promises to be great
      fun and a great learning experience, along with a free feed!

      Then on Friday night, we have Redbrick Sadsoc Presents: Pub night
      out in Doyles (next to Trinity college, on D’olier street) from
      8pm! This is where all the societies get together and celebrate the
      fantastic week that has been… TECH WEEK!

      But that’s not all folks, oh no! We have Wavehunt!! Wavehunt is in
      its second year running. For more info check out

      Overall, the week promises to be a packed walk through technology
      with something for everyone, so don’t miss out
      Right well as I mentioned, Redbrick/DCU will be holding its annual Techweek which is basically a week long event during which various socities run various workshops, talks and competitions. Details on the exact times of the events can be found here on the Event Poster.

      As you can see Tony Kelly will be coming down to give us a talk on everything from Games as a business and how to break into the industry to how to get a game published and his Predictions for Irish Game Industry. Should be an interesting one me thinks.

      Also all of the above events are open to the general public so if you’re feeling bored or indeed want to pop along to Tony’s talk then by all means. If you want further info on any of the above events then feel free to drop me a PM. :D

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      Aphra K

      best of luck with it gizmo….

      sorry I couldn’t make it out.

      I see you make it into Doyles on Friday – watch out for them Trinity and ex-Trinity folks!!


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      – watch out for them Trinity and ex-Trinity folks!!

      ‘them’ ex-Trinity ‘folks’ beg ones pardon?

      Although, actually last time I was in there they stole my coat.

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      Well the talk went great as I knew it would. TechWeek itself is running great too but Tony’s talk was by far the most useful and informative so far, in my opinion anyway. I’ve also had a good few emails about obtaining the slides and video of the talk so they’ll be made available soon through the link in my sig.

      Big thanks to Tony for coming out and giving the talk and hopefully we’ll be able to do it again soon. Also thanks to nifty for making the journey out, twas nice to finally meet one of you guys. :D

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