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    Here is a teaser for the movie ye it kinda, well really sucks another game to screen disaster


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    Very interesting. I never knew that Dead or Alive is a Charlie’s Angels spin-off…


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    hmmm, charlies angels meets, crouching tiger, meets a bucket of sick.

    And why is there only 1 asian chick (wasnt she in Sin City)? That trailer bears no resemblance to the games ive played anyway. They might as well call it ‘DOA: The cash in’.

    And what a horrible video player too.

    Clicking on that link caused me nothing but pain ‘You there’.
    I want those 3 minuets back!

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    Hrm, think we discussed this already..and by discussed I mean “Gee, I wonder how bad its actually going to be” :D

    Yep thats Devon Aoki, of Sin City and 2 Fast 2 Furious fame…

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