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    I get the error the guy on the board posted :(

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    same here… :(

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    the smallest one worked for me

    all the others said “no data” when i went to download them in firefox

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    Looks whopper! (to use the technical term)

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    Saw Hi-Def version………..WOW!!!

    Man, Weta seriously have upped the stakes again visual effects wise. This looks frickin amazing from an effects point of view.
    And I’m sure PJ can deliver with the movie as a whole too, I love the orginal Kong, and its looks from the trailer that he is going to bring the same sense of adventure to this. Also they seem to have managed to give some real emotional weight to Kong too, which is essential.

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    You need quicktime 7 to see anything bigger than the Ipod version

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    i’ve just seen a trailer for it on sky news.. my god am i looking forward to this


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    I don’t know. Has Jack Black been miscast?

    When he’s doing the oh so serious voice over, you’re half expecting him to break into a bit of Tenacious D…

    :P He was the best Kong in the world….

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    Ah sweet…works with Quicktime 7, cheers for that Pete.
    Looks very nice

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    There is a mistake at timecode 2:35:15 though…….

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    There is a mistake at timecode 2:35:15 though…….[/quote:a16862898b]
    No need to get personal!!!!! ;)

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