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      Jamie Mc

      I’ve been trying to track down companies, people, solicitors or barristers who deal with the whole multimedia law, copyright issues and other related topics that are important for the protection of IP for an article.

      However, I haven’t had much luck getting through to one.

      Anyone had any experience, has a mate/spouse/friend of a friend/bridge partner/distant relative or even had any dealings with legal people on the issue? If you have, let me know. Also if there are any specific legal questions you would like answered stick them up, if we do find someone we might be able to bribe them with drink to attend a shindig or event so that people could speak to them.


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      don’t know if this link will help any


      but i know as a musician the digital download business is a minefield at the moment.

      I’ve signed an exclusive deal with one company.. but they in turn deal with about 7 others!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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