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    That’s right. No more Discreet, well, not as we know them anyway. Autodesk have rebranded the division as ‘Autodesk Media and Entertainment’.

    Hmm, catchy… :mad:


    (I may or may not have altered the title to make it sound worse than it actually is.)

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    WOW, I was up at their very cool office HQ last week in Canada, they still had the big Discreet sign up.

    Hopefully that’s the start of the changes, and they’ll drop the price of 3DS Max a bit.


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    Discreet is dead! Long live the Autodesk Media and Entertainment……..

    This seems to be a common thing with 3DS Max though.

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    God bless the days when they used to be Kinetix….

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    haha….yeah, I was racking my brains trying to remember the name………Kinetix! Ah yes, it all comes flooding back now. Wasn’t there a time where their was no modifier stacks……not sure if I’m mixing max up with photoshop(before the history pane)…..

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    > Wasn’t there a time where their was no modifier stacks…

    Yep, that was before it became Max, and was MS Windozed.

    3D Studio 1 to 4 for DOS didn’t have modifier stack. I cut my teeth on v3, for a VR project, many moons ago. It actually looked a bit like Lightwave / SoftImage ( old version ).


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