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    “The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced today that computer games are to be the “third arm” of the organisation, elevating interactive entertainment to the same status as the traditional entertainment media. This should sock it to critics who claim that games are a lesser art form.”

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    very good ,

    i though BAFTAs were already being handed out for games related things though.. I have a feeling that a games score got a BAFTA last year..

    I could , of course, be completely wrong LOL


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    you’re right, Claire they did for the oast 2 or 3 years, I believe… Don’t think they were seen as major awards though. The BAFTAs have loads of minor categories as well as the major ones publicised inthe press. Kind of like the Oscars that way

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    what ever catagory ..

    i’d quite happily clear my mantelpiece for one LOL


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