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    LMAO!!! rubbish of the highest order.

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    Jesus…..I never thought I would judge a movie from one photograph, but that looks pants!

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    I’ll have to agree with that, this one shot does make it look a bit muck.

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    Ssh! The Zombies will get you!


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    I’ve been following this for awhile actually…
    According to imdb the main character was Karl Urban who you may have seen as the bad guy in The Bourne Supremecy or Chronicles Of Riddick. But The Rock has since been on Leno and said he is playing the lead character. This kinda confirms it though…

    Also note the names of the characters…
    Robert Russel as Dr Carmack? :D

    As for the film I’m not going to hold my breath on it being a classic but I’m sure it will be mildly entertaining in the same way as the Resident Evil films. At least its going to be Rated R in the US which will definitly means an 18 cert here…

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    Jesus…..I never thought I would judge a movie from one photograph, but that looks pants! [/quote:7dc6359105]

    How can you say that? What about the picture makes it look pants? The way they’re standing? It could just be a promo image.
    But chances are it will be pants. :D

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    It looks pants because:

    a: The really corny triangle formation/pose they are in
    b: They aren’t even wearing the same gear as the games
    c: The shitty weapons they are carrying
    d: The fact that it looks more like a promo for SWAT 2, then DOOM
    e: Grass

    This should be set on Mars, with demons and massive BFGs and rocket launchers.

    Karl Urban is probably more famous for playing Eomer in Lord of the Rings

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    i remember wheni was at school and the street fighter movie was coming out. was so excited. ended up to be turd. this doom movie screenshot is bringing back those horrible memories again.

    what rating is the movie going to have ie pg,15’s 18’s etc

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    Apparently it will be violent, in the vein of the games. But still, even that redeeming quality will probably not be enough to save this from being a resident evil clone bore-athon….

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    The gun The Rock is carrying looks quite like the Plasma Rifle from the original Doom, just black. The BFG will be making an appearance thank god, and hopefully it’ll live up to its proper iD given name! :D

    And yes the film has already been slated as having an R release so expect an 18 cert along with plenty of gore when its released this August!

    And it turns out both Urban and The Rock are in the movie. The Rock is playing “Sarge”, most likely inspired by the Quake 3 Arena character while Urban is playing “John Grimm”. God I love the names those guys have! :D

    Although…best name EVER! Clicky!

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