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    Well just back from Doom so I said I’d give a wee bit of a review of it. Saw it in Screen 17 in UGC so its safe to say if its not good here it wont be good anywhere. Now to be honest I can sum the review up in one line: Its Doom 3 for the silver screen. So bascially if you were one of those people who though Doom 3 was rubbish because of its linearity, cheap scares, reliance on a flashy engine, mediocore/non-existant storyline and dodgy (voice) acting then you wont like this film. IF however, you just want a decent action film, with plenty of violence and gore, big guns, badass actors, straight forward story and the odd cheap scare then you’ll love it. The FPS section of the film was very well done and I can honestly say everyone I went with utter the words “Badass” or “Bitchin'” at least once during the film…

    You guys get the picture? :D

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    Pretty much agree. As a film it is pure rubbish but as a fan of games I was still highly entertained by The Rock and co. If you didn’t play Doom 3 you wouldn’t notice half the nice little touches, the sets, computer screens, weapons etc. are all there. The FPS view as well was class if a bit short. Definitely worth watching once and maybe would be a good film to have a drinking game to. Yeah I could deinitely see it becoming the new SWAT.

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    Todd Hollenshead, the CEO of id Software is talking about Return to Castle Wolfenstein being made into a movie now…


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    dont think ill even bother going to see doom. i do think though that RTCW could potentially make a very good film

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    The game is very similar in parts to the movie Where eagles Dare i.e. the castle itself and the cable car bit. If it was made to that kind of Caliber it could be a rock and roll WW2/Sci-fi movie.

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    Yeah, I’d love to see one of those assasin girls on the screen. I can already imagine that girl from Golden Eye playing one of those :P

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    Famke Janssen, the one from Goldeneye, was the first person I though of too. Although judging by Underworld Kate Beckinsale wouldnt be too bad in those uniforms either… :D

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