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    here is the link to the film DOOM.It looks like the monsters from doom 3 were used for the film i hope its not another game to movie let down.


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    Hrm, thought I posted about this already…yup linky to the previous thread…here.
    After watching again it my comments still stand.

    While on the subject of movies, finally saw Unleashed last night and twas feckin brilliant, from a pure action flick perspective anyway. So anyone who wants to see Jet Li headbutt someones fist or set a record for the number crotch punches in a movie should definitly go along to see it… :D

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    The trailer has been updated on the apple website.
    In the new trailer it shows the movie like the game in 1st person it looks pretty cool. I understand that scene goes on for bout 10 mins in the film. The bit with the chainsaw looks savage

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    Ah indeed it has…

    New trailer looks even better. I really wana see it now. My expectations are still pretty low overall but if its a kick ass action film then I suppose I couldnt ask for more…

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    If you like trailers but hate this stupid “oh sorry you can only watch this online” (unless somebody knows how to copy the temporary file from the IE cache…) you could do worse things than visit Jurassic Punk.

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    Anyone with QuickTime Pro can usually right click once the movie has loaded in your browser and choose “save as quicktime movie”

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    ah yes, that makes sense.
    Although I must admit I have really never understood the big deal about Quicktime that my Design student friends always seem to have (while simultaneously not knowing anything about DivX and the tons of other existing codecs).
    The way I see it, QuickTime is one of those annoying symptoms of the Mac only design world. I mean, a player where you can’t even watch a movie in full screen? Really? :roll:

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    Good site there, nice and fast…

    Couple of films coming out that I hadnt heard about..Lord Of War and The Legend Of Zoro look really good, albeit for different reasons of course. Thought the The Da Vinci Code was gona be out sooner than next summer too…

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    man, don’t get me started on the Da Vinci code.
    It annoys me as much as, say, seeing Evanescence get all the success when they are just a “mainstreamed” version of Lacuna Coil, who have been doing it properly for years…

    Hollywood, Shmollywood… yurk :?

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    The way I see it, QuickTime is one of those annoying symptoms of the Mac only design world. I mean, a player where you can’t even watch a movie in full screen? Really? :roll:[/quote:44d7cbedca]

    Again Pro users can hit ctrl+f for full screen madness.

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    I have to PAY this irrelevant piece of trash of a codec, to view my movies fullscreen?
    Good Lord… you have just given me one more reason to hate this damn thing.

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    I like Quicktime, it kicks the pants of Windows Media Player and is excellent for digital video. Hard to beat Media Player Classic though, about the only thing it won’t play is skiffle king Lonnie Donegan’s 1966 classic “World Cup Willie”, and thats only because its on vinyl.

    I’ve no problem paying for good software.

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    Indeed, me neither, but I do have a problem to pay for, how shall I put it: what I see as redundant software. The whole proprietary bullshit, if you will. It’s all so annoying… :?

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    I see

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    VLC, MPC and the K-Lite Codec Pack solves all your problems people, no need to go near the nasty WMP, QT or RP.
    Theres also QT and RP Alternative to consider…

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    In all honesty it looks like a film with the sole purpose to amuse 13 year olds, although I did like the 1st person cam, was quite ingenious. Still, I think they should be aiming these films at the original fans fomr back in ’94(who are mostly 20+ years old now) rather than the current fan-base which is full of kids who couldn’t identify with the brand even if they tried.

    Might be good though.

    PS: don’t go see ‘The Cave’ if you want to leave with your sanity, its an absoloute rubbish film.

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    Yes, I was gonna mention Real and Quicktime Alternative.
    The guy who wrote them is a saint.

    Quicktime codec, OK, but isn’t it so much nicer to have everything in one nice interface :)

    Oh, and the movie (finally saw that damn trailer), looks like it’s gonna be a big pile of steaming manure… sniff :cry:

    Good old reliable Hollywood. You can always count on it to make absolute rubbish movies of perfectly good original material, eh?


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    I’m pretty sure the film isnt aimed at kids anymore, the big fat R rating should take care of that.

    Look, how many of you have played the Doom games? I’m sure pretty much everyone has played at least one. Now hands up who wants to say they’re not anything but linear, gore filled, action packed, damn fun games, with a bit of horror thrown in? Yea, thought so. Thats what this film is going to be, action packed, linear as hell with a few small scares and plenty of blood and guts thrown in for good measure.
    Don’t go expecting anymore and you won’t be disappointed.
    What did you guys do in the 80s when most films involved Schwarzenegger or some other random muscle bound hero blowing things up for 90mins? :lol:

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    PS: don’t go see ‘The Cave’ if you want to leave with your sanity, its an absoloute rubbish film.[/quote:67f3371970]’The Descent’ is a much better movie… but I enjoyed ‘The Cave’ too, I must admit – apart from the ending, of ocurse

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    What did you guys do in the 80s when most films involved Schwarzenegger or some other random muscle bound hero blowing things up for 90mins?[/quote:5a33fe07f3]

    Wondered what it would be like to be 18 and actually go see them in the cinema :roll:

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    I vividly remember going to the cinema with my summercamp group and watching Kickboxer with Jean Claude Van Damme. And at 8 years old or so, I am pretty damn sure none of the 30 of us should have been allowed to watch it…

    the way I see it, to really enjoy a movie like that, you have to be young. Only a kid will be truly scared/excited by a lame plot like Doom (the games).
    Except they are not supposed to be in the cinema, eh? Stupid rating systems…

    Then again, if it’s half as good as the Mummy, you never know :)

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    the way I see it, to really enjoy a movie like that, you have to be young. Only a kid will be truly scared/excited by a lame plot [/quote:11decfc5fd]

    I’d agree with that mate. The amount of films I’ve seen in the last few years that I fondly remember being thrilled/scared/amazed by as a child that have turned out to be utter discharge is ridiculous

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    Well by scary I mean jumpy in terms of things just popping out at you. I wouldnt suggest that the plot itself is scary or anything! :D

    You really think that only kids enjoy mindless action movies? What about the likes of Commando, Rambo etc… while they won’t win any Oscars you have to admit they’re good fun!

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    gizmo : yes, they are good mindless fun. My point is that for a kid they are absolutely amazing, best shit ever, OMFG kind of experiences… I thought the Mummy was a brilliant little movie, full of cool little effects and quirky jokes and stuff. I bet most of the kids who saw it will never be able to look at a scarab without thinking of the scenes in the movie, and still they’ll love the movie just for that…

    Pete: funny, eh? Robotech was/is my favourite manga ever. But when I got the DVD boxsets last year, I almost wanted to cry. I mean, seriously they don’t hold a candle to the mangas nowadays. In my memory, Robotech is like the best anime series ever, fueling my imagination for most of my childhood (And it probably still does), but good lord it has aged badly. And it’s the same with a lot of stuff.
    It’s like my tastes have evolved and they have rarefied to a point where I just cannot satisfy my hunger anymore :?
    Same for computer games, same for roleplaying, same for miniatures…

    Everywhere I see all those things that used to be hobbies and cool as hell, and have become industries and turned to shit.
    Oh well, so I guess I should do something about it, eh?


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    Take the power back Phillippe

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    Cue Rage Against The Machine… uh, uh :twisted:

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    What did you guys do in the 80s when most films involved Schwarzenegger or some other random muscle bound hero blowing things up for 90mins?[/quote:3b526f140f]

    The differance between modern “action” flicks and the great Arnie action flicks of the 80’s and 90’s are:

    1. Arnie & co
    2. They didn’t rely on special effects for cheap thrills(eg: bullet time)
    4. “Monsters” were men in suits
    5. Cheesiness factor

    As for the Doom trailer, the first person camera was very well done, really liked it. Also they have the same weapons and monsters as the games. Other than that(but that just might be enough) it doesn’t really have anything spectacular.

    Also Quicktime is almost a standard when it comes to digital media. It has great codecs, is fully Mac compatible(obviously) and is an all round a fantastic player. Media Player Classic is also great.

    Ah feck……France just scored…….ARRRGRRHHH

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    Ah but The Rock is the new Arnie, the only thing he doesnt have is the dodgy Austrian accent. I say dodgy as he’s always sounded like hes putting it on. :D

    Some new special effects such as bullet time are pretty cool as long as they’re not overused.

    Do the monsters being men in suits or good CGI really make that much of a difference? As long as the monsters don’t look completely overdone I don’t think they make that much of a difference. The only monsters that should never be CGI are the real zombies who need that human factor to come across as even mildly scary

    I agree but if a film was to try that kind of chessiness nowadays they would be slated for it I reckon, regardless of how well they pulled of the cheesiness.

    And yes, back to my original point, what did the Doom series have that was spectacular? Fair enough it refined the genre that was created by Wolfenstein 3D but that was the FPS genre, the movie is classed as an Action film and as such I don’t think those same refinements or indeed the accolades associated with such refinements exist in the brainless action movie genre.


    Source material = linear, gore filled, action packed, damn fun, with a few jumps or scares thrown in.

    Film = linear, gore filled, action packed, damn fun, with a few jumps or scares thrown in.

    This is gona be a movie based on Doom (3) so don’t go expecting anymore and you won’t be disappointed. :D

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    Ah but The Rock is the new Arnie, the only thing he doesnt have is the dodgy Austrian accent. I say dodgy as he’s always sounded like hes putting it on. [/quote:424b04e786]

    The fact that he doesn’t have the dodgy accent is a major stumbling block if he is to become the new Arnie.

    Some new special effects such as bullet time are pretty cool as long as they’re not overused.[/quote:424b04e786]

    I also forgot one more, very important feature of any good 80’s action movie. The animatronic Arnie head…….how I miss it…..

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    Film = linear, gore filled, action packed, damn fun [/quote:5d078cc628]

    Yes please!

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    The fact that he doesn’t have the dodgy accent is a major stumbling block if he is to become the new Arnie.[/quote:1a4d1acc5a]
    Ah but what about that dodgu eyebrow of his? Surely thats the next best thing! :D

    There we go, someone else looking forward to it!

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    Man, honestly, I like The Rock. He is cool, and even if I always preferred the Undertaker (and the two japanese guys, “indeeeeeed”), I always found he was amusing in his own way.
    When I saw he was moving to the movie business, I though, cool, this might actually be interesting, given how good a wrestler he is.
    And honestly, I wanted to love The Scorpion King. I so wanted it to be the new Conan the Barbarian.
    But I don’t know… it had its moments, but it lacked that subtle, mmmh, I think it’s the Italian western of the 80’s style: the sweat, the grease, the cheap disguises that end up looking realistic.
    The movie just had too much of that shitty “Hercules/Xena/I don’t know anything about medieval outfits, but this looks cool so let’s put it in” style.
    Well, at least it had The Rock and that huge mountain of a black man from the Green Mile, Michael Clarke Duncan (I still can’t believe the guy is almost a head bigger than the Rock :shock:)

    So anyway, just to say I’d love that movie to be good. I really would.
    Or is it just me being too cynical of this whole Hollywood crap?


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    Nah your right, The Scorpion King wasn’t great but it was good popcorn fodder all the same. I got the SE DVD and on the extras they show the bit where The Rock knocked Micheal Duncan Clark out cold with an elbow to the face during their fight in the desert camp…all accidental of course. :D

    When watching and rating action movies I tend to rate them differently to other movies. Now I know that may sound abit strange or even stupid but it works for me. Theres no point in comparing a completly brainless action flick to something like Schindlers List. They’re both completely different in there own right, yet can both be fantastic for completely different reasons, hence its more that I don’t like comparing movies overall, rather I just rate by genre and subgenre.

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    Aye it’d be like comparing chalk and cheese. Action flicks are great when you just want to flake out with a few cans

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    Oh, I wholeheartedly agree!
    But still… the only guy that come close to the level of Scwarzenegger IMO is Jean Claude Van Damme. You just can’t beat the man for pure cheese and yet excellent action. Damn, Time Cop actually even had a cool story/acting!
    From Dusk Till Dawn was another excellent nonsense action that I loved, I dunno why, exactly.
    Mmmh, Braindead is probably the only gore movie I actually love.
    And let’s say, oh yeah, Christophe Lambert has a special place in my heart next to Van Damme, both guys regularly make complete turds of movies, yet somehow, they also manage to make excellent ones once in a while (Highlander and Greystoke, for Lambert).

    I think maybe, it’s the fact that The Rock actually doesn’t sound or look stupid. No, he looks like somebody clever trying to sound stupid.
    There is nothing like somebody bad at acting trying to act and coming across as a twat, but cares as long as he kicks some ass. Cue, The Matrix… :roll:


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    Hah, Van Damme will always be associated with even more brainless flicks than Schwarzenegger, with the possible exception of Universal Soldier which I thought was really good, for an old action movie like.

    Lambert is still one of my fave actors and to be honest its all because of Highlander and that fantastic laugh of his! :D Fortress wasnt too bad though although its sequal was rubbish…

    From Dusk Till Dawn was a classic vampire/action movie and its probably the only film I like Clooney in! Not to mention it has a great soundtrack…

    Braindead is a an alltime classic though, I love that lawnmower! Have you seen Demons though? It was directed by the legend that is Lamberto Bava. Quiet possibly one of the zombie/monster films ever imo.

    Thats a good point about The Rock though, the only thing that gives him away though is his massive size. If he was abit smaller it would be easier to take him seriously but IF he was then he a) wouldnt be a wrestler and b) wouldnt get movie roles since he has limited acting ability anyway, so in hindsight I guess hes better off the way he is!

    “I’ve come for the woman….and you’re head” …who else could get away with that line nowaday? :lol:

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    is that from Schwarzie’s Commando ?
    Wasn’t there a gratuitously naked woman in that ?
    Oh and for no reason whatsoever, I must declare my love of Fargo.
    It’s people like him that remind me that there are, in fact, Americans out there with a sense of humour :)

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    Wasn’t there a gratuitously naked woman in that ? [/quote:8d2743f8b9]
    Wasn’t there always in films from around that time….die hard, predator 2, etc…

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    Well, I mention it because it actually marked me : full frontal nudity, you don’t see that everyday. Well, not in an American movie, anyway :wink:
    A French movie, now…

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    Evil Aliens – “High energy and low humor make for a giddy ride in “Evil Aliens.” Splat-stick comedy about nasty E.T.’s facing off against equally crass humans reps a big leap for helmer Jake West, whose sophomore feature (following the 1998 “Razor Blade Smile”) will make him an instant hero among horror geeks. Cross-over to mainstream auds is iffier, since pic’s humor is less critically-approved “Shaun of the Dead” ilk and more the gore-soaked, MPAA-problematic stripe defined by the original “Evil Dead” and Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive.” Specialized theatrical play is likely, with long afterlife guaranteed as a rental, home purchase, and midnight-movie item.” (Source: Dennis Harvey, Variety)[/quote:384157e8ae]


    Features that girl who was in a videogame tv show – emily booth.

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    Don’t even compare the God-awfully useless “Van Damme” to Arnie. Jesus, Arnie may not be the best actor, but at least he has a persona about him. Van Damme might as well be a piece of dirt on the ground as far as I’m concerned….I’d rather watch a Paul W.S Anderson movie four times on a row than watch a Van Damme flick…….

    That Evil Aliens might be worth a look for a laugh….looks fun

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    Arnie is the man. Let no one tell you different.

    I mean he beat the Predator. The Real Predator, not that loooooser one that Danny “I’m Gettin Too Old For This Shit” Glover managed to bag (don’t get me started…)

    “I’m Detective John Kimbell, I’m a Cop you idiot!”

    Just check out this link:


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    Nooptical : Ah but you see, you never had the chance/horror of witnessing Van Damme being interviewed on French TV. Conversely I never really had that much occasion of seeing the Governator interviewed while he was still in his beginnings. But you’d be surprised at the similarity.
    It’s one thing to watch a bad actor in a cool action movie. But to see him being as bad in interviews… now that’s just pure joy to a turkey lover like me :)

    kyotokid : I can’t believe I didn’t mention Shaun of the Dead. God bless Simon Pegg and all his crew! I’m still laughing every time I watch Spaced… damn I have to go and rent their stuff, now that you reminded. :lol:


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    Theres something about Doom3 to me that has none of the appeal of the previous two… I cant quite explain it, but it just wasnt the same, its like theres something cheesey about all the old monsters in rendered 3D… someone help me out here if you think something similar…

    As for this movie… hmmm, i cant decide, i like the idea of it, but i think it would take a very VERY good director and writer to make it feel inthraling… the in game camera angels are cool, but i hope they dont use it too much in the movie, to me it would feel like a complete advertisment for just the game or something…

    Go easy on me, just thinking aloud here… :roll:

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    It’s funny you mention that. I was thinking the same while playing Thief Deadly Shadows, yesterday: some of the stuff in there is amazing, with real time bump mapping, light mapping and so on, but at the same time the models of the characters feel cheap and wooden (I know it’s easy to criticise). But I think that’s the same sort of feeling you are probably experiencing for Doom3. It’s the eternal problem of 3D vs comic book style, IMO.
    Personally, unless it’s Blizzard or Final Fantasy doing the 3D, I’d rather play a nice comic style game…
    that reminds me I have to watch that Final Fantasy VII movie.


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    that reminds me I have to watch that Final Fantasy VII movie.[/quote:f8de60b2c5]

    Err if you’re refering to Final Fantasy Advent Children….its not even out yet… or am I wrong?

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    It says release date 15th September in Japan, 13th September in the US (on that trailer I got this summer). Anyway it will be straight to DVD. Still, I wanna see what it looks like, if only to cry tears of joy at their technical excellency…

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    Is this the next movie after the first Final Fantasy movie?

    Also on the side, was anyone ever into Perfect Dark on the N64 ?

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    No sequel to the game

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    Loved Perfect Dark, Have an N64 on my desk here with PD plugged in. Its not connected to anything, its more like a substitute Child of Prague ornament for the one I left up at Malin Head…

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    Aceley: the FF movie I am mentioning is a new Final Fantasy movie, but instead of being a “stand alone” story like the first movie, this one is based on FFVII. Essentially it seems to me that Square Enix realised there was no point trying to conquer the mainstream (they weren’t even nominated for an Oscar in the Animation section :shock: ), did an about face and are now releasing a Final Fantasy player’s wet dream: a big _movie_ about their favourite game.
    So I guess I’m gonna have to find a copy of FFVII if I want to appreciate the movie, but I suppose, why not :) I always liked japanese cRPGs.

    The nice thing with Doom is that you don’t really need to have played the game :lol:


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    Nope that comment was made by The Rock in The Scorpion King. But yea the typical 80s action film always had the odd flash of nudity, it wouldnt have been right without it! :D

    The problem with Doom 3 is that it does nothing new for teh genre. Theres little or no storyline, the gameplay is repetitive and it relies on its excellent engine to carry it. We as gamers have begun to expect more in our FPS and Doom 3 just didnt cut it when faced with the varity of experiences found in the other excellent FPS’ out at the moment such as Half-Life 2, Far Cry and even Chronicles Of Riddick.

    Oh and as for Arnie quotes…Clicky! Hours of enjoyment! :lol:

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    The problem with Doom 3 is that it does nothing new for the genre[/quote:3d1d461379]
    And somehow, I think that’s the same problem that Doom the movie is going to face. Can anyone actually make a better Marines vs Aliens movie than Aliens ?
    OK, maybe Pitch Black (but doing Chronicles of Riddick cancelled it out, IMO).
    Well, and possibly Ghosts of Mars, but that was Carpenter. Carpenter kicks ass, no matter how hard he tries to scare people away from his movies with bad music and low end actors :P


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    sorry I lost you after

    5 minutes footage of scantily clad (possibly wet) ladies playing volley ball, played in a loop in slow motion….[/quote:e6ac77ade1]

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    Ooooh… yes, I can see it now. Mmmmh

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    Respected film critic Roger Ebert says “Doom has one great shot. It comes right at the beginning. It’s the Universal logo.”

    and some news from Gamasutra on Uwe Boll’s “Postal”…

    “Running With Scissors and Boll KG have announced that plans are still underway to convert the developer’s infamous Postal game franchise into a feature film, directed by the equally infamous Uwe Boll. Boll’s past game-to-film credits include House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, and BloodRayne; in addition, he holds the license for Dungeon Siege, Far Cry, Hunter: The Reckoning, and Fear Effect. “I see it like a mirror for our society — funny, violent, absurd!” said the director. “So then the movie must be powerful, strange, and so full of the game’s political incorrect outrageousness that if we do it correct, we will all probably end up in jail!”

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    Good gods! He has the rigths to Hunter?
    Feck that… the guys who did Underworld should do it, not this dimwit! :x

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    Isn’t all Doctor Boll’s stuff funded in such a way that the investors get their money back if they are failures? Some German law I think….

    (sorry for the vagueness….someone must have heard about this too)

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    Wow, hunter:the reckoning, the Movie, it could be done really well if put in the right hands. If the first one is made I hope they do the second one just for the mad santa claus (a real nightmare before christmas) :twisted:

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    “Doom” is like some kid came over and is using your computer and won’t let you play.[/quote:86b8e62bd0]

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    Far Cry should star Arnie, and be directed by John McTiernan……

  • #26610


    …and have a Predator in it.

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    Exactly Max, exactly……

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    remember Anna from that movie?

    “The old ones in the village cross themselves and whisper crazy things. ‘El Rocko, cazador de trofoes…Only the shittest times of the shittest years…’ Crazy things…This year ii grows shit. And we begin finding our men. We find them sometimes without their skin. Sometimes…much, much worse. El Rocko de trofoes de los beltos…means the demon who makes trophies of belts.”

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    Nah you got it all wrong, its the “demon that makes truffles of men”.

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    Isnt that Jerry Hall?

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