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    DCEmu UK are proud to announce the opening of the second Dreamcast Homebrew Coding Competition following on from last years Dream Coding Grand Prix.

    Ask all questions in our Dream Coding Grand Prix 2005 Forum

    Competition Details

    This years Dream Coding Grand Prix will a competition that will choose the best entrant from any of the following categorys.

    What can i enter?

    You can enter anything for the Dreamcast including Emulators, Homebrew Games, Demos, Ports, Doom Mods, Beats of Rage Mods, Quake Mods, Fenix Games, Applications and Multimedia Software and pretty much anything as long as it works on or for the Dreamcast.

    When does it Start and End ?

    The competition starts on May 3rd 2005 and Ends on November 31st 2005 at 24:00 GMT.[/quote:0dd3181ca3]

    1st: Nintendo DS Console (Jap Version)

    2nd: Neo Geo color + 6 Games (Samurai Showdown 2,Fatal Fury First Contact, King of Fighters R2, Neo Turf Masters, Pacman & Metal Slug.

    3rd: GameKing (PSP Clone) Console with 3 games

    4th: GameKing (PSP Clone) Console with 3 games

    Special Prize Donation

    JMD Author of Maqiupai has donated a signed copy of Maqiupai to the entry he chooses to receive it.

    there maybe more prizes..

    last time there were not many entries and everyone who entered got a prize, so it maybe worth you wild

    edit: forgot link


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