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    149 quid……how sweet is that!!

    15 launch titles aint’ half bad either, expecially for Nintendo….

    Can’t wait! :D

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    Yep, that project rub sounds very interesting……and slightly arousing if I’m honest…..


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    I dunno, I still have my doubts, Nintendo have let me down big time with the gamecube. I bought Metroid Prime 2 and before that I can’t remember the last game I bought for the console, atleast 10 months previous. Still if the magics there i’ll be in, just have to wait and see.

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    What ???
    I’ve only got it recently and I’m completely happy.
    In recent times…. Metroid 2, Pikmin 2, Resident Evil 4, Paper Mario 2, Pokemon Colloseum, Donkey Konga, Zelda: 4 Swords, Double Dash

    Then there’s pretty much everything you can get on every other console. What other console has as many good 1 console only products in the recent months ???

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    Damo – Jungle Beat – its a platformer but you use the bongos to control Donkey Kongs movements


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    Didn’t get Donkey Konga, just played the missus’ version, so don’t have my own bongos :(

    oh I finished mario at the weekend too :)

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    From reading the reviews, reports etc on various websites. There is no doubt. DS does rock the homestead!

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    You gus just wait ’til you see SM64 in action & lil’ Yoshi’s animations… not to speak of the stylus-control for the main/mini games!

    I’m seriously considering getting rid of my Xbox & just keeping the DS – not touched anything else since Xmas!

    …and maybe a side order of PSP for afters, tho ;)

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    Good stuff Steph! I can’t wait to get one, SM64 on the bus? Oh hell yeah! :D

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    I’m decided – I’ll be getting rid of my Xbox when the DS launches officially in Europe: I’m buying a second one just to play Mario Kart with the Missus! :D

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