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      Hi all,

      I recently moved to Dublin to work as Creative Director for an advertising agency, and would really like to find an interesting game development project to work on as a sideline.

      On a day to day basis, I write, produce and direct viral video projects for several high profile companies in Dublin.

      My real passion however is gaming, and so I would really like to find a like minded, creative group of people based in Dublin who perhaps require some form of creative assistance on a small scale project.

      I have been playing games since I was four years old, and have a vast knowledge of the industry.

      In a creative sense, I am heavily influenced by the early Lucasfilm point and click genre, with my particular favourites being Day Of The Tentacle, Indy and The Fate Of Atlantis, and Monkey Island 2.

      Aside from that, I would reserve a special mention for Moonstone, Ultima VI, and Legends Of Valour.

      So that’s me. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

      Adam LeChamp

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