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      [read slowly & with total awe in you voice :)]
      This is the awesomest thing i have ever seen…:eek:


      there are 15 or so high powered spot lights along roofs on oconnel st dublin.
      goto the website and use their applet to position the lights & make patterns with their beams.
      the actual lights on the st cycle through all entered patterns.
      the site gives you an eta on you pattern being displayed, and pics are taken of your pattern, and a small web page is put up of your design afterwards.
      their is also a live feed from the webpage from 4 cameras positions around dublin watching the spot lights.

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      awesomest [/quote:f986bf44fa]
      Craig, you are spending far too much time around Americans!!

      but it is pretty slick I must say… the website and light display that is – not the amount of time you’re spending around Americans

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      everybodies heard of / seen strong bad haven’t they.
      Funniest thing on the net.
      hit toons,
      then features on the remote,
      then strong bad emails in the mag.

      start at the start (or at least the early middle)
      [start = bottom email, scroll way down…]
      – they wont mightn’t make much sense otherwise.

      and as for vectorial elevation:

      pity you can’t see the beams in the actual camera shots,
      the pics on the left are the java applet in which you place the beams.
      went down last night to have a look – got photos of my own – not just the automatically generated ones.

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      Craig, you are spending far too much time around Americans!!


      :D :D LOL

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