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    Profit warning punctures EA’s invincible image!

    “The problem is that the trailing end of EA’s Christmas product sales has died a death much earlier than it did in previous years…”

    Last week’s profit warning may only be a temporary blip in Electronic Arts’ financial growth, but the reasons behind it point to a worrying failure in the quality of the top publisher’s product, argues Rob Fahey.

    Full Story on GI.biz:

    Omen Proceed:

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    Memo to EA:
    Quit relying on Hollywood for your game “ideas”.

    End memo.

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    The best game EA released was Battle for Middle earth (loved that game. the RTS on the PC) and Burnout3 the rest was really substandard dribble, with the odd moment in there from others.

    But thats the problem with EA and always will be. They will strive to keep the market they have, and the sooner peolpe see that EA sportstitles are practically the same year in year out all the better. The sooner they see that the sims releases are just over glorified mods the better. And the sooner they see that all hollywood cash ins are virtually the same the better.

    People (Mainly parents and spoiled children) will stop buying all the crap they release. Focsing on the better range of titles they offer. Such as Battlefield 2, Burnout 4, etc

    instead of EA’s instant cash in line. Seriously what suckers buy Fifa, heck I gave up on it back on the snes, where my brother got the first release. and from then on it was a yearly release and every two years it was a double release. But what sort of improvements can you get into a game in 3 – 6 month development time? Here at work we have enough problems trying to make sure that any fixes we make doesnt actually break existing stuff. So obviously its not substantial coding, perhaps a list of bug fixes and a few new features, with more bug fixes towards end of development.

    :confused: I best stop now, or I will write another thesis. This one would be entitled. WHY FIFA FOOTBALL SERIES IS CRAP

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    What are you expecting from me Ian? I don’t think this deserves a rant. Look at this years xmas games compared to last years. There was very little of worth out last year and Need For Speed just wiped the floor (I still maintain it was very mediocre). This year, you had a much stronger lineup, with the strongest EA game being Burnout but that was released months before xmas. Its not a big suprise they made less money than expected really. Suprise is probably that they thought they’d make so much with weaker titles really…

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    Oh and developing titles like this will definitly save them! Clicky!

    Fair enough College Football is popular in the US but will that convert to big sales over there. I doubt they’ll even bother releasing it outside the US tbh…

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    You say that and yet there was a big thing last year about making a Gaelic football game, which would have much lower numbers and there is an aussie rules game which wouldn’t have high numbers either…

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    Indeed but look at the mess they made of the Rugby games, I have a feeling they may have learned their lesson.

    Do their sports games cost that little to develop that they would be willing to invest in a game for basically just Irish players? :confused:

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    It wasn’t EA that was going to do the GAA game. It was someone else. I was pointing out the fact that they are probably aiming at a larger market with the college football than whoever it was was aiming at with the GAA game.
    And as for that game, take Madden, change the player and stadium art and the game is finished….pretty cheaply done if you ask me.

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    Hrm, I thought EA were the ones who had gotten that…ah well. Yea I didnt think about that, the Madden engine would be a good choice. The only problems I could see would be the shooting aspect of the game. I imagine it would be rather difficult to get it right…

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    Just saw this article over at anandtech, didnt think things were THIS bad for EA…

    Linkage to the full report…

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