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      Hi all!
      I’m researching the effects of gaming on us. I try to find out if games really cause aggression and isolation or is the complete opposite of the truth.
      I’d like to ask your help for this. I’ve put together a little questionnaire and I count upon you to fill it out! :)
      If you’re interested, please take it here!
      Thank you all very much in advance! :)

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      Hello Taretia,
      "prosecution of games" – not sure if that translated right. The participation in games?

      Can I suggest that you use an online survey as downloading and opening word docs is risky in many peoples eyes. There are sites that let you create and host them and the tabulation of results is automatic saving your inbox. :)

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      Yes, I just modified the origina post, so an online survey isnow available. orry for making you wait and thank you for both you advice ad your participation! :)

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      I think You should highlight that there is requirement for a part to be filled out by a close friend or relative of the candidate at start.

      Not sure if your questions are hitting enough of the right points to detect an aggressive or insular personality or will capture a link to gaming. I don’t have time or qualification to suggest improvements atm but maybe others here could. There are courses in psychology relating to technology and perhaps the help of such academics would be of use if you are intending an in-depth study.

      Here is one such course:
      Think we had a naming game for another course on the boards so search forum if your interested.

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      Hi. Yes, I’m open to all sorts of advices especially from people in such fields. Unfortunatelly I don’t have a degree in psychology either, but I’m curious and wanted to research a bit on a hobby level(and english which isn’t my first language). :) Of course I won’t publish it in GameDeveloper Magazine or anything, but maybe I (or maybe others too) can learn something from it. :)
      About the course at IADT. I’m actually considering it after my undergraduate degree, but at the moment i’m still in secondary school, so that’s still far away. ;)
      What do you suggest, how can I make it more accurate?
      Thank you for your comment!

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      Glad you took advice as constructive.
      Sure is an interesting topic so best of luck with it.

      You will want to use the likert scale as much as possible. Repeat key questions phrased differently. There is a whole.. well maybe science is too strong a word but their is good practice for making a good survey, lots of info available on it.

      I would ask questions something like the following but psychology is not my area and these are just a small set of the top of my head and don’t cover all the aspects you are trying to record. :)

      E.g Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree for all:
      Most games I play portray extensive physical violence:
      I would like a more active non game related social life.
      I find the level of violence portrayed in mature content repugnant.
      Were I not playing games I would have much greater time for a non game related social life.
      I prefer to play alone.
      Time spent playing games is not a major influence on the time I could devote to my social life.
      I have formed casual relationships through games.
      I would choose to play cooperatively over adversarialy.
      I cannot connect emotionally with characters in games.
      My personality becomes more aggressive while playing a game.
      I have formed lasting personal relationships through games.
      Violence portrayed in games does not affect me.
      I am an empathic person.
      Online relationships are as valid as in person relationships
      I am a competitive person
      Violence scenes on the news can disturb me
      I am particularly competitive while playing games
      I am less open in conversion to players than people in general life.
      I feel my circle of friends is smaller than most.
      I get depressed when not achieving as I would wish in a game
      I would like to spend less time playing games.
      I prioritise playing or finishing a game over most other activities

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      To be expected from adolescent nerds safe from physical reprisals. I don’t mean the Microsoft engineers but the players :)

      In most cases I think those words are used for their shock value (however diminished that may be though their constant use) rather than having a true racial or homophobic charge but are unacceptable non the less. Just because I steal a flag from under your nose and kill your entire team doesn’t mean I want to hear 12 week ass 13 year old attempts at insults in my head phones. If I took the time to woop you so convincingly I think you should put some effort into your insults.

      We need new words and chat acronyms that sum up a persons ineptitude at a recent action in a game and the superiority of the person using it.

      CAUFAEYD is the only one I can pronounce
      "Complete and utter failure at everything you do" has a nice middle eastern ring to it.

      TWTSTIHES: "That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen"
      HWHDYMWSY: "He was half dead you moron what stopped you"
      ABMCHKTG: "A Blind money could have killed that guy"

      Making house calls to scare the ba-j-sus out of them might be too far. But you should be able to record them and have Microsoft send a tape to the bill payer aka mom and add the cost onto bill with a note in case tape is intercepted.

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      Yes, I think those questions would work well! :) If you agree, I will use the ideas, and then of course mention your name in the survey. :) :wink:

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      Go for it. No need for my name.

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      Hope that helps!


      Took a while to complete as the other person section was quite long, especially when they had to think :roll:

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