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    Well, they didn’t buy Eidos, but I think they may have got an even better deal. Bio-ware and Pandemic. Good studios!


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    You beat me to it, Damian. I just came on to post it!

    I think that it’s a very good move, but it’s quite disturbing that the only way to survive for developers these days is to either merge with others or be bought out.

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    Bono is on the board…. :shock:

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    Free audio tracks :)

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    So let me get this straight:

    Bono is on the board of a venture capital fund called Elevation that tried to take over Eidos which made the Tomb Raider games who’s movie had a soundtrack that included the song “Elevation” which was performed by U2 which includes Bono.

    Interesting set of links there.

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    I think your looking a little too hard for links there. Besides Eidos didn’t make TR, Core did. Hate it when publishers get developer credit.

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    I knew Core made TR but I left out the link for simplicity, Eidos do own Core anyway.

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    Bono and U2 have always openly said they’re big fans of Tomb Raider, hence the soundtrack, but I think that wouldn’t be quite enough to explain a bid of many millions of pounds. :P

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    Well, technically SCi own us and the Eidos name is just still used :) Although back then, they did.

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