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    Hey all,

    just wondering if it was possible to institute some kind of email alert (if you signed on for it) with any news from the news section of the site.

    The email could be sent when the news was posted in the news section.

    If this facility is there already – i’m sorry for wasting your time!


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    Aphra K

    mm, nice one Craig..

    anyone like to volunteer to do that? Not something I can do I am afraid…


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    “mm, nice one Craig..”

    is that sarcasm? :)

    how do you add the news articles?
    would it not be a case of you having a group mailing list of addresses, just copy and paste the news article into it, and hit send?

    not having constant connection to the internet, it’s not something i could volunteer to do.

    ah well, just an idea.

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    One could think of starting up a gamedevelopers.ie mailing list and mailing the news directly to the list as well as posting to the website. One thing I have found is that e-mail lists are far better for interest retention then a website – I have my daily browsing and different sites go up/down in that list of things to read… …(gd.ie is top of that list always of course :) )


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    anyone like to volunteer to do that?[/quote:b6ad7b6cfa]
    Yeah sure.

    Aphra – Maybe what you could do is let people know that if they want they can send an email to me informing me that they would like to recieve an email containing the latest news on the site and then I could send an email out to those people with the news.

    So, just to make things clear:

    1) Someone sends me an email letting me know that they wish to have the latest news sent to them.

    2) Then when a new news item appears I will send an email to everybody who asked to have it sent to them.

    I wouldn’t ask for anything in return, just glad to help. What do you think?

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    Aphra – are you the only one who actually posts the news on the site?

    could you then mail Ronny whenever you put up the news?
    and what ronny would send out then wouldn’t be the whole article, just the title and link maybe.

    is there a way you could automate the application for the mail alerts?
    some sites have a little box, and you enter your email address if you want to receive the alerts, something like that?

    thanks Ronny! (and aphra!)

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    Aphra K

    Hi all,

    actually there are two of us who post mail at the moment – both are based here in DCU.

    Adding a box to the site for e-mail alerts sounds great but we would have to get one of our initial students who was involved in the design of the site, or someone else, back to do it . With exams coming up that is not likely to happen til mid/end of Jan. here in DCU.

    An interim would be to create a new thread on the forums where people could sign up for news digests and to have someone create a news digest from the news posted to the site – say at the end of every week, or every two weeks who would circulate to this list. We also have to make sure that the list of names is kept confidential and safe.


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